Britney Spears Driving Privileges with the Kiddies Revoked

The video footage of Britney Spears running a red light at an intersection, while her two infant sons rode in the car with her, appears to have been the evidence needed to secure Kevin Federline’s request that Britney no longer be allowed to drive with the kids in the car. TMZ is the agency that acquired the video, and was the first to report on the sealed order, which came after a 90-minute hearing. Additionally, People magazine chatted with a tipster, who had this to say of the proceedings:

“The tape of Britney running the red light was not viewed today, but it was a major point of the hearing.”

“Britney’s lawyers brought in an expert who argued that, for whatever reason, Britney could have made the turn through the red light.”

That’s sad. Now, who is Britney going to turn to after running over a paparazzi’s foot to say, “Uh oh. Momma made another oopsie.” And, a smarter woman would have known where a question mark belonged in that last sentence.

Photos: WENN