Britney Spears Driving Privileges with the Kiddies Revoked

November 16th, 2007 // 9 Comments

The video footage of Britney Spears running a red light at an intersection, while her two infant sons rode in the car with her, appears to have been the evidence needed to secure Kevin Federline’s request that Britney no longer be allowed to drive with the kids in the car. TMZ is the agency that acquired the video, and was the first to report on the sealed order, which came after a 90-minute hearing. Additionally, People magazine chatted with a tipster, who had this to say of the proceedings:

“The tape of Britney running the red light was not viewed today, but it was a major point of the hearing.”

“Britney’s lawyers brought in an expert who argued that, for whatever reason, Britney could have made the turn through the red light.”

That’s sad. Now, who is Britney going to turn to after running over a paparazzi’s foot to say, “Uh oh. Momma made another oopsie.” And, a smarter woman would have known where a question mark belonged in that last sentence.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Claire

    Poor thing! i cant believe it when I read the actual judgment.

  2. rootabega

    thank god, now maybe the poor things can go to sleep in their own beds instead of their car seats.

  3. jimi

    I’ll give her the red light incident. We all make mistakes and god knows how scrutinized she is. But, for as much as we see her driving, she’s always got her f*cking phone in her hand . . . with her kids in the car! We know she’s a dunce. But, put a dunce in a car with a phone? That’s asking for an accident. Thank god for the kids.

  4. tammyv

    Why the Fuck is the court not spending any time investigating who the hell is leaking seal court documents? That is punishable by jail time.

  5. Jerry

    Man I could care less about her but damm I seen some footage of her when she ran over another dumb ass standing in front of her car and they are all flashing flash bulbs in her face how the hell can she even see? Man that dont seem right.

  6. Thank god! Endangering the lives of your children is no joke, wake up Brit!

  7. make it interesting

    Bitch looks dead already. With a moustache too.

  8. Susie

    Why hasn’t anyone showned the video of K-fed in the truck Burning rubber, with the kids in there?
    Is amazing that all the Media,Gossip sites, like TMZ n Perezhilton are so one sided when it comes to the Britney story. It even seems that the Courts is good friends with TMZ Havery Levin that he seems to gain access to Information which is suppose to be sealed.
    The Judge in this case reminds me of Judge Ito 2, He seems to be caught up in all the hoop la, instead of looking at both sides equally.

  9. shadygoddess

    tell me again why she’s famous? Something about a flat abdomen… but then, thousands of actresses and singers have that. Soooo, what’s the deal? Are we all just so frustrated with society’s down-turn that we have to laugh and point at the mentally ill? Jeebus.

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