Britney Spears. She’s One Classy Gal

July 14th, 2004 // 2 Comments


Whiskey and Red Bull is the drink of choice for today’s pop stars. Britney and Kevin go out on a junk food binge.

Correction: Ginseng and Red Bull. I apologize if I offended Stereogum. Note to self: stop blogging on topics that are soley featured the The Sun and the New York Post.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Is she just really showing her true colors? Her behaviour is not much different from alot of other girls I see everyday.

    I loved the line in that sun article: She was recently pictured looking bloated, spotty and puffing a ciggy.

  2. Skalka

    I don’t deny that I think her behavior of late, her choice in men (of late and later and even later than that) and her ultra-tacky wardrobe make her a prime candidate for Trailer (White) Trash Queen of the Universe — but I’m not sure that’s whisky in the most recent photo. I swear it looks a LOT like the tiney bottles of liquid Ginseng you can get at corner stores.
    Might be Glenlivent, might be Ginseng. The photo’s not clear enough to be sure either way.

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