Britney Shouldn’t Open a Kennel Anytime Soon

USA Today reports that Britney has been named worst celebrity dog owner by The Hollywood Dog magazine.

When it comes to celebrity dog-parenting skills, Oprah Winfrey is tops and Britney Spears is the world’s worst, according to an online vote by readers of two dog magazines.

“Britney was the overwhelming choice” for worst celebrity dog owner for 2006, Hilary O’Hagan, editor of The New York Dog and The Hollywood Dog magazines, said in a statement.

“She once had three Chihuahuas … and never left home without at least one of them on her arm,” O’Hagan said. “As soon as she met K-Fed and had kids they (the dogs) disappeared.”

The friggin’ dogs disappeared because Britney and K-Fed expected them to raise the children. They hauled ass to the nearest animal rescue league. Possible euthanasia is a preferable alternative to having to listen to two high yokels argue over who bogarted the Funions.

More photos of Britney Spears arriving at the Lakers game with her agent, Jason Trawick, after the jump.

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