Britney Rocking Her 4-Eyes For ‘Glee’

Yesterday, Britney Spears and Glee fans alike rejoiced when the singer sent her first Twitpic from the set of the show.

“About to do my first shot of the day for Glee tweeties! Here we goooo!” the pop star, 28, wrote. A few hours later, she added, “what’s up GLEEKS? Having so much fun on set!! Can’t wait for you guys to see the episode!

We’re still not sure what exactly her appearance will entail, but creator Ryan Murphy teased that she may show up when members of the show’s glee club hallucinate while under anesthesia at the dentist. “They have fantasies of how they can be like her,” he explained.

Spears also used Twitter last week to announce her return to the recording studio, where she’s begun work on the followup to her 2008 smash comeback Circus.

And from that we then see Brit-Brit taking the boys to Johnny Rocket and that hair or weave or whatever it is on top of her head in need of a trip to the groomers!