Britney Pulls A Stuart Smalley

Saddled with the baggage of impending divorce proceedings, single motherhood and wild partying spinning out of control, 2007 isn’t yet looking too promising for one Ms. Britney Spears. And now, the poor thing’s so out of it, she’s talking to herself. Yikes. From Page Six of the New York Post:

The once-sexy pop tart was photo graphed Wednesday night coming out of the Italian restaurant Dolce in West Hollywood, appearing bloated and haggard. As she walked out, the newly minted party animal repeated, “I love myself, I love myself.”

Someone shouted, “You look beautiful,” to which she responded, “I love you for saying that!”

As Britney should, since apparently, the masses standing outside the Las Vegas nightclub Pure the night of New Year’s Eve, AKA Britney’s passing out episode, were not quite as nice.

Find out what else people were shouting at Britney that wasn’t so nice (it rhymes with door) after the jump.

BLEARY SPEARS AN ‘OLDIE’ [Page Six | New York Post]


But sources told The Post that it was humiliation that brought Britney to her knees that night. One person who was there said Britney was taunted at the club by the crowd, who shouted, “Whore, whore, whore, whore!” at her.

Damn. That’s harsh. Even for me. I would have limited myself to chanting, “Don’t Feed The Animal!” but that’s where I draw the line.