Britney Losing Her Kids To Weedy Scrub Update

The battle continues as K-Fed’s friends claim he’s ready to have his kids over 90% of the time. And Britney made a public show of how she’s finally learned how to properly secure her children in an automobile. I’m shocked she isn’t leaving them on the sunroof like people leave their Big Gulps sometimes. Firstly, on to the weed crib!

“The house is child-proof, except for the recording studio,” Kevin’s friend, who visits Kevin and the kids at his home, told Monday afternoon. “There are gates at the top of the stairs [to prevent children from going down the stairs], the plugs are covered. All of that stuff is in the house. The second you walk in the house, there’s no mistaking that kids are there. The house is 90 percent for the kids. There are toys everywhere. There are children’s books and videos everywhere, and those little toys that kids play with. Each has their own room.”

What about when JJ or SPF wanna smoke up? Are there bongs for the kids? You know there are. What else are you gonna do to ease you into an afternoon of playing with the WII and occasionally turning to Sportscenter as you live off your scrub money? These kids need to learn. Keep reading for how Britney made a big show of trying to appear like the best mommy ever.

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Facing a wave of flashbulbs outside Cravings restaurant, Brit first took her tots to the ladies’ room for all to see, but chastised the paps for shooting as they entered the loo. After the bathroom break, Brit then emerged from the eatery with Jayden James and Sean Preston, carefully putting le bebe into a car seat for the world — via the paps — to see. An assistant carried the other baby Federline to the car and strapped him in his seat as well, while an approving mama Spears looked on.

“Look ya’ll, I put them thar babies in their carseats! Yay! Ima good momma! Pork rinds!” God, you know those babies have accidentally eaten her cigarettes more than a few times. She is so gonna lose those kids.