Britney Losing Her Kids To Weedy Scrub Update

August 14th, 2007 // 25 Comments

The battle continues as K-Fed’s friends claim he’s ready to have his kids over 90% of the time. And Britney made a public show of how she’s finally learned how to properly secure her children in an automobile. I’m shocked she isn’t leaving them on the sunroof like people leave their Big Gulps sometimes. Firstly, on to the weed crib!

“The house is child-proof, except for the recording studio,” Kevin’s friend, who visits Kevin and the kids at his home, told Monday afternoon. “There are gates at the top of the stairs [to prevent children from going down the stairs], the plugs are covered. All of that stuff is in the house. The second you walk in the house, there’s no mistaking that kids are there. The house is 90 percent for the kids. There are toys everywhere. There are children’s books and videos everywhere, and those little toys that kids play with. Each has their own room.”

What about when JJ or SPF wanna smoke up? Are there bongs for the kids? You know there are. What else are you gonna do to ease you into an afternoon of playing with the WII and occasionally turning to Sportscenter as you live off your scrub money? These kids need to learn. Keep reading for how Britney made a big show of trying to appear like the best mommy ever.

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Facing a wave of flashbulbs outside Cravings restaurant, Brit first took her tots to the ladies’ room for all to see, but chastised the paps for shooting as they entered the loo. After the bathroom break, Brit then emerged from the eatery with Jayden James and Sean Preston, carefully putting le bebe into a car seat for the world — via the paps — to see. An assistant carried the other baby Federline to the car and strapped him in his seat as well, while an approving mama Spears looked on.

“Look ya’ll, I put them thar babies in their carseats! Yay! Ima good momma! Pork rinds!” God, you know those babies have accidentally eaten her cigarettes more than a few times. She is so gonna lose those kids.

By J. Harvey

  1. green cardigan

    If Brit Brit wants to prove what a good momma she is, maybe she should consider not going out to Cravings Restaurant, and instead stay at home and cook those 2 little lads a dinner.

    I’m sure KFed has kiddie bongs in his weed crib for the children, complete with teet and a rattle.

  2. Woohoo

    I can’t wait till she loses those kids !!! Team K Fed

  3. T-Bone

    Yeah – Britney is the first 20-something mother in the world to drink, smoke, eat crappy food, do stupid things, and sometimes leave her kids with a sitter.

    It’s going to take a lot more than that for the courts to take away her kids, or the courts would be taking kids away from their mothers every second of the day.

  4. d-l

    There’s another of those morphine-laced lollypops she’s beem sporting for a while, and openly sharing with others in her posse and car!

    What’s it gonna take, people?????? Send in a ph**cking swat team!!!

  5. Am

    T-Bone…that’s not the issue:

    Any “mother” who does not have her kids on any discernable schedule, lets them play in bird baths (you know birds poop in there right?), doesn’t recognize the importance of using car seats correctly nor keeps them a comfortable distance away from the paps should not have their kids taken away from them. But some supervision would do Britney a lot of good.

  6. T-Bone

    Come on Am — you just called out all of the moms in Hollywood. None of them keep their kids a “good distance away from paps”, if the paparazzi is interested in them. Not Ms. Jolie, Jennifer Garner, Suri Cruise etc…etc… We see all of their kids — close up and personal. And as far as playing in bird baths — who the f cares? I’ve seen them eat dirt, fall down and everything else — big deal! As for the car seat issue — plain stupidity, but she hasn’t done it since. The only worthy question for Ms Spears is – is she doing drugs or outright neglecting/abusing her children? If not — the courts aren’t going to take away her children.

  7. what J Harvey

    You must be talking about the crib that Britney BOUGHT for K-Fed, cause that’s the only way that guy has a home at all. He might be a nice guy but he’s also a lazy gold digger. He and Lynn Spears are nothing without Britney and they’re harassing her.

  8. cummi bear

    “is she doing drugs?”

    uh…is the pope catholic? what do you think the lollies are for? ROLLIN’, baby…rollin’ right along.

    ya know T-Bone, I read your posts a lot and most are quite funny and spot on with your commentary, but your absolute devotion to brit and your inability to see even the SLIGHTEST problem with her mothering skills is scary.

    considering her own mother and sister are on K-Fed’s side, you may want to re-think your blind devotion.

  9. Jill

    I love when you talk like Britney. I laugh so hard people keep looking into my cubicle to see if I’m alright. Keep it coming.

  10. cummi bear

    a couple of things to add…

    1. NOT every hollywood mom parades her kids in front of the paps…there are plenty of hollywood kids that you NEVER (or hardly ever) see.

    2. Eating dirt and falling down are surely rites of passage in childhood, and usually both are harmless except for tears or a few scrapes/bruises. However, playing in a bird bath, where there is bird poop, is most definitely NOT harmless. The types of bacteria in bird poop can cause illnesses, especially in people with weak immune systems, like toddlers and babies.

  11. Maid Marion

    Team K-Fed. Take them away from the limelight and let her self-destruct without taking them down with her.

  12. Because I said SO

    ^^^^ At Cummi Bear

    I don’t think it’s that Britney is parading her kids out for the paps, the paps are just stalking the poor girl. She can’t go ANYWHERE w/out someone taking her picture. So what would you have her do? She’s trying to live her life, but she has crazy stalk-a-razzi following her everywhere she goes.

  13. T-Bone

    cummi — I don’t have ANY blind devotion to anyone, quite frankly. My eyes are wide open. And as I’ve said a thousand time, Britney isn’t a great mom, and she does some really stupid things. But none warrant her losing her kids completely. Do you have any idea what it takes to get a judge to sign off on taking biological kids away from their biological mother? They pert near have to be beating the sh*t out of them or leaving them unattended for days before that happens. Or, the mother has to be so mentally ill that she simply cannot take care of her kids. Hell, I know of herion addicts who still have their kids, unfortunately. So all this ranting and raving about K-Fed getting full custody of kids seems ridiculous to me. It isn’t going to happen unless Brit ends up in a loony bin, severly neglects her kids, or decides that she no longer wants custody of them (which could happen, but it would be her choice).

  14. cummi bear

    considering she KNOWS she’s being followed by the paps, maybe she should STAY HOME once in a while instead of taking the kiddies to a trendy restaurant when it’s past their bed time. perhaps “parading” was too strong, but she sure as hell doesn’t try to shield them, like a LOT of hollywood parents do.

    I applaud her for spending time with them, but the paps stalking her is something she brought upon herself with her outrageous behavior. if she started acting like an adult who is responsible for two children, perhaps they wouldn’t stalk her the way they do.

    she’s doing more than simply trying to live her life. stripping down to her undies to go swimming? going to clubs almost every night and trips to vegas with the kids? she has courted the paps since she was young, and she’s still doing it.

  15. cummi bear

    with all due respect, T-bone, I never once said anything about K-Fed getting full custody. and I don’t think he will. yes, I’m aware of how bad it has to be for the kids to be taken from the bio mom. however, consider the case of the Hasselhoffs. You KNOW how messed up the Hof is, and yet HE got full custody over the bio mom. if K-fed can prove that her behavior (probable drug use, kids up at inappropriate times and at inappropriate places, men coming and going) is bad enough and could harm the kids, he could win. don’t think he will, but it’s certainly possible.

    and sorry, but the posts of yours I’ve read re:Britney do not sound like someone who has their eyes wide open.

  16. T-Bone

    The story here is about Britney losing custody of her kids to K-Fed — nothing else. And I’m simply saying I doubt highly that this will happen without Britney’s full consent.

    And you’re story of The Hoff kind of backs Britney actually. It shows that you can drink up a storm, do stupid things, party until you’re face down on the floor and drooling, and STILL keep your kids ;)

  17. cummi bear

    I’m aware of what the story here is. I tried to stay on topic, and did…about as much as YOU did, anyway.

  18. cummi bear

    to add to my last post, the Hof story could be taken two ways. yes, it does show you can be a total fuck up and still keepyour kids…

    …but it also shows you can be a total fuck up be considered a better parent than the bio mom.

  19. T-Bone

    The Hoffster’s kids must have begged and pleaded to go home with their dad. And they’re old enough to do that. Brit’s kids…not so much.

    I mean it’s obvious that Britney’s a little messed up. There’s no argument there. I just don’t see her as the monster that everyone else sees her as. True monsters are not this blatant — they’re quieter….more calculating and manipulative. Brit’s just young, immature and socially crippled (like most child stars). She’ll figure it out. I just hope she figures it out soon — and without drugs.

  20. Am

    T-Bone: I don’t think she’s a monster. I don’t even think she’s on drugs. I agree with you; she hasn’t done anything worth taking the kids away. However, she should have, at a minimum, supervised visits or some parenting classes. If you truly believe there’s nothing wrong with children playing in disease ridden bird baths or not being properly secured in their child seats, please DON’T HAVE KIDS.

  21. Joeschmoe

    I really hate when people refer to her as “a young girl”. She’s not a young girl. She’s a grown woman with 2 kids. If she wasn’t rich and famous, no one would be defending her behavior; they’d be calling her pathetic.

    Oh, and the paps wouldn’t bother her so much if she wasn’t calling them to make sure they’re there. Look at some of the pics…how many paps hang around waiting for celebrities at places like Target and Walgreens? Or the fast food places she hits up? They don’t. They’re only there because they were called. It sure seems a lot like her kids are just one more photo op to her.

  22. Lee

    If Kevin really is concerned about those kids and wants them 90% of the time, then he won’t have a problem not asking Britney for anymore money. He should do it for the kids right. C’mom you know and I know It all about the money and nothing else. He has never fought over Shar Jackson’s kids. He doesn’t want them, they have no money. Kevin isn’t the great father everyone is saying he is. He probably hires help to take care of them, you never see pictures of him with those kids and the park or anything. He’s a pig…. I hate him. Team Britney

  23. Lynne

    Shar’s kids actually seem to be well taken care of. I don’t think Kevin has a reason to be concerned for them. I mean, it’s not like Shar’s dropping them on their heads, or constantly having strange people carry them around while she shops for yet more inappropriate teacup dogs, or taking them out to adult restraunts in the middle of the night, or using their child safety seats incorrectly, or flashing her vagina and boobs at the world, or stumbling out of clubs while obviously on some sort of drug, or sexing up random college guys while at a hotel pool…Should I go on?

  24. AW!

    I hope that fat, ugly, immoral bitch loses her kids. She always poses for pics to show that she’s a good mom, but she isn’t. Other pics show that she’s out with her kids at 10:00pm–aren’t they supposed to be in bed?

    I heard this morning that she’s giving them white strips for their teeth because of the juice & bad food she’s been giving them. BAD MOTHER!

  25. Delia

    Britney does not deserve those kids and I’m crossing my fingers that full custody goes to their dad. Who gives a shit if he is a stoner? So am I and I’m a momma. Alot of parents smoke and if they’re any kind of decent human being, they do it privately and not in the presence of their or anyone else’s kids for that matter.

    Being a stoner doesn’t make a person a p.o.s. but having various sex partners trample in and out of her house, partying with no panties, having her infant and toddler children out at all hours of the night, stealing clothes from a photo shoot, wasting professionals time while peeing with the door open chatting with her assistant, behaving erratically, shaving her head because she doesn’t want to be touched, refusing to change diapers, pouring coke in baby bottles, cussing/screaming at the paps as she’s holding her kid, having the nanny care for and basically raise her children not only makes her a UNFIT PARENT but it demonstrates that she continously puts herself and her children in immenient danger.

    Judging by her skin, her current ‘style’ and her behavior – seems to me that she’s become addicted to Ice, Ice Baby.

    Maybe her next song should be about her love of crystal meth.

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