Britney Having a “Moment”

January 4th, 2007 // 11 Comments


People reports that Britney’s old/new manager is explaining away her downward spiral.

The New Year is about to bring a new, improved Britney Spears, her manager vows, adding that the pop princess is aware that her image has suffered lately.

“She understands what’s going on right now, and she calls it her ‘rocky moment,’ ” manager Larry Rudolph tells USA Today. “Britney knows exactly what she needs to do.”

He adds, “She’s taking all the right steps. Britney Spears will be back and absolutely at the top of the entertainment industry very soon.”

More from Britney’s manager after the jump.

Rudolph’s comments are, in part, in response to an announcement that on Jan. 31, the 6-year-old “World of Britney” Web site, the largest unofficial fan site devoted to the 25-year-old singer, is shutting down. (In its first five years, the site reportedly attracted about 30 million Spears fans.)

“I’ve not been happy with the way she’s portraying herself,” the site’s founder, Ruben Garay, told the newspaper.

Rudolph says he knows many fans have been put off by Spears’s recent behavior. “From what they’ve been seeing and hearing, I understand the disappointment,” Rudolph says. “But Britney is increasingly motivated to get out there. She sees this as a challenge, that some fans may be questioning her. She is respectful. She sees this as her challenge to win them back.”

Rudolph termed Spears’s filing for divorce from Kevin Federline on Nov. 7 “a sign to fans that she’s serious” about a professional comeback, and added that she is about half-finished with her next album and plans to concentrate on it in full in the coming weeks.

“She’s real excited,” he said, estimating that the single will be out by late summer with the album to follow in late fall.

“Having a rocky moment” could explain away anything, homicide, arson, “falling asleep” on the floor of a Vegas nighclub. That shit is all-purpose. Why did you molest my dog, Natasha Lyonne? I was having a rocky moment. Why did you get high on Vicodin and weed and drive the wrong way down the highway, Nicole Richie? I was having a rocky moment. Look for me to use it at my murder trial the next time I read about a celebrity who complains about people looking at them.

By J. Harvey

  1. She looks like an old woman …. what happened? *d’oh* silly question

  2. Smith

    Holy hell, what the fark happened to Brit-Brit in that picture? She looks twenty years older. I’m just speechless, I didn’t even read the story.

  3. betsy

    Is it me, or is she starting to look like Liza Minelli…on Liza’s worst days?

  4. Narie

    She seriously needs to do something about her fake hair and wipe off all that make-up.

  5. Tonysgirl

    See what all that partying gets yah!!! makes you look 20 years older.

    She is on a road to destruction, just waiting for all that dyed hair to hit the brick wall!!

  6. susiegrl

    What is up with the “K-Fed” clone to her right? He’s been photographed with her a few times already!

  7. DEC21

    She looks so old and run down…

    It is not fun or funny to see her partying every night while her kiddos are at home, sad story… really sad.

    I would not buy her music even if people give it away.

    I also would not bother to use her CDs as coasters, that would be giving her too much credit were credit is not due.

  8. Jinxy McDeath

    I just love her jowls, she looks so… middle aged. Sad she peaked at 18, now she just looks like a ridden hard put away wet 48 year old.

    You know you suck when you are in your early 20′s and look older than Sharon Stone, and your body is not as youthful as Sharon’s. She’s going to be on top alright, on top of a KFed clone. Idiot.

  9. someone needs to put that dog down…

  10. pilsbury


    “who let the dogs out” She really is looking rough.

    Needs a facelift…..again.

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