Britney Bailed On Bally’s

April 17th, 2008 // 5 Comments

An eagle-eyed Socialite Life reader noticed our recent post with pictures of Britney Spears leaving the gym and dished to us earlier today:

so, I see the pics of britney leaving a “culver city gym”–i go to workout with my trainer last night & he tells me that Britney is working out at my lame Bally’s (ummm, she MUST be trashy!)–they flew in some big shot trainer from corporate out to train her & she was supposed to return yesterday for another appointment & didn’t show. they cleared all this gym area for her & she’s a no-show.

Bless her crazy heart, she really is a woman of the people. Madonna is busy trying to buy up all the buildings in London in order to avoid human contact during her daily 6-hour workout sessions while Brit-Brit is mixing and mingling. It kind of endears her to me, despite myself.


8 more photos of Britney Spears getting fit after the jump.

(Hint – Right-click on the image thumbnails with your mouse to open them in a new tab or window.)


By Lisa Timmons

  1. circuslion

    The chick behind her in pic #2 looks like the love child of Tonya Harding and a Wayans brother.

  2. DruNken LauRen

    i am so happy for Brit, Brit…. she lookes healthy, and happy…. i love the way she laughs w/all gutt, and teeth…. mouth wide open… that is a real laugh from the soul….

    good job Poppa Spears….

  3. anne

    Did the woman call herself trashy for going to a trashy gym? Okay. Britney is a normal girl, or was at one time. That’s why she is still so adored by her fans. Sadly, the haters can’t see it. :) She was back there with her mom, so I guess she had to reschedule.

  4. Mark

    I go to the gym and I wouldnt say its trashy. Its right next to Sony Studios. She was there again today

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