Britney’s Out Of Rehab And We’re Back To Scrutinizing Her Every Move

March 26th, 2007 // 2 Comments

Like we ever really stopped.

Friday evening, Britney Spears stunned the attendees of an advanced hip-hop dance class at the Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood basically by showing up. People Magazine reports:

Wearing nude fishnet stockings with dance boots, black hot pants, a black long-sleeved shirt and baseball cap over her dark brown wig, Spears arrived with her assistant as well as two bodyguards to take a 7 p.m. advanced-level hip-hop class with instructor Darrien Henning.

“The minute she walked in, she basically lit up the room,” Henning told PEOPLE. “I had no idea she was coming, so I was shocked.”

And though she may be rusty, Henning stated that Brit-Brit “nailed” the choregraphy. Later that evening, Spears met up with some girlfriends for a quiet dinner at the SHU Sushi House Unico at 10 p.m., and left half an hour later by her lonesome. But, she seemed in good spirits as she waved merrily to the paparazzi on her way out, in stark contrast to her recent umbrella meltdown.

However, later in the weekend, it was the paparazzi and passersby who got out of control. On her Saturday evening visit to the Epitome Hair Salon in Bel Air, CA, Britney was attacked by a group of about forty aggressive onlookers.


More on Britney Spears heading to the salon (including photos) after the jump…


From Star magazine:

“She was looking through hair magazines,” said an onlooker. “She had a big book that had a bunch of hair samples in it, like the kind you look at if you are going to get your hair dyed or extensions put in.”

That’s when the crowd showed up, with cameras in hand and the shiznit hit the fan.

One onlooker told Star, “It was crazy! Finally, the police had to show up for crowd control! They started pushing people back, mostly the dozens of guys with cameras. But by the time they showed up, there were also loads of curious tourists, too! They were shouting at everyone to get back!”

Britney, clearly frazzled, left after less than an hour.

We hope this extensive Britney coverage is leaving no hole in her schedule and want to assure you that we are currently working with spies for various magazines to try and piece together a “going to the bathroom” and “toothbrushing frequency” charts, so that no Britney going-on shall go unrecorded.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. desertboy

    “half and hour and a half”…huh? WTF does that mean? 45 minutes????

  2. desertboy

    “half an hour and a half”…huh? WTF does that mean? 45 minutes????

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