Britney Getting Paid For Photos?


Is Britney Spears getting paid for pics? TMZ has an interesting story today wondering why Britney keeps changing into horrible outfit after horrible outfit on an almost hourly basis. Is it a sorority hazing? Is it because she’s demented white trash? Maybe not.

When a star is snapped on the same day wearing the same thing, chances are that media outlets (like TMZ) are less likely to purchase more than one photo. But when a gallivanting starlet wears one look during the day and then changes into another, the photos of both outfits will likely sell. Cha-ching!

So, if Britney’s multiple looks are a calculated strategy to sell photos — is she in on the deal?

Rumors are that Britney is working with a certain stalkerazzi agency. We contacted Brit’s rep but didn’t hear back by post time.

Does she really need the money? I thought she had done pretty well for herself before she went off the deep end. When contacted, Britney’s rep denied the whole story but added “…but yeah, aren’t those outfits terrifying? I told her not to wear that green-looking silk one with her boobs hanging out of it but, but she merely kept drankin’ that moonshine and cackling while searching J.J.’s diaper bag for the Slim Jim she thought she left in there.”