Britney Gets Wholesome And Takes Her Little Sister to a Tattoo Parlor

December 20th, 2006 // 11 Comments

Britney got big sisterly and took Jamie-Lynn to the local tattoo parlor for some ink. Afterwards, they downed a couple of fawdies on her front porch and shot BB guns at stray cats. The Daily Mail has the scoop.

Britney, 25, took 16-year-old Jamie-Lynn Spears to a seedy tattoo parlour in Los Angeles for a late-night visit. It’s unclear exactly what happened there last night, but perhaps the singer was having a little redesign work done.

Two years ago she and K-Fed had matching dice tattooed on their wrists as a symbol of their enduring love. According to an eyewitness last night she was having hers altered into something less embarrassing. Let’s hope that’s a lesson for her kid sister.

Her kid sister seems slightly more advanced than Brit. Hopefully she’s helping by urging Brit to cover up any traces of K-Fed, reminding her to wear drawers, etc. Or maybe I’m just a foolish optimist and they actually got matching tattoos that said something like “Country Girlz Rule!” or “Take A Ride On My Tractor, Ya’ll!” These tattoos have liknessess of the two of them in pigtails and Daisy Dukes, with x’s over their eyes to indicate drunkeness. Britney’s will be located next to her tattoo of Calvin peeing on Christina Aguilera.

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By J. Harvey

  1. Ha-Ha-you make me laugh-I love your site-found it by mistake.

  2. Steven

    This is so stupid when you are 16 and your old sibling take syou ta tattoo parolor that is pretty damn cool. She is 16 not 6! Nothing seedy just looking for an excuse to write about Britney!!!

  3. honestly, i was pulling for little Brit, but she seems to have gone off the deep end…

    and why does no one notice the huge spew stain on the front of that dress???????????????????????

  4. ali

    I wonder if she would even care if someone told her that she was wearing ‘dog fur’. Are any of these celebrity morons even aware that China not only slaughters stray dogs for their fur but also raises them and calls them ‘racoon dogs’but passes it off as racoon or faux fur—–not that killing an innocent racoon is any worse than killing a dog so you can wear it on your skanky back. Of course she didn’t seem to mind wearing the jacket made of a dozen or more little white bunnies either. She’s nothing more than a cheap, brainless slut.


  6. texangal

    “y’all” not “ya’ll”

  7. Isn’t that sweet ! And Britney is such a great role modle for little sis

  8. Kabuk1

    “Y’all not Ya’ll”

    Forgiveness please. Not all of us speak white trash, so some errors will inevitably be made.

  9. i LOVE the fact that the most offensive thing about this chick to Ali is the fact that she MAY be wearing fur trim on her jacket!! NICE!

    A) Thats Not Raccoon Dog fur. Research sweety.

    B) Britney has been wearing fur for years. That’s what trash w/cash does.

    C) Asian countries raise dogs and cats for not only fur, but for meat.

    D) Run outside and hug a tree, the real world is too scary for you.

  10. OH…and Texangal, you run outside and play in heavy traffic. you have nothing to contribute to society…stop wasting oxygen.

  11. Gregorio

    What a dream situation-I could fuk Britney ( the cow ) and then enjoy her little sister Jamie-Lynn! Ilove veal-it makes me so horny! Greg

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