Britney Gets Wholesome And Takes Her Little Sister to a Tattoo Parlor

Britney got big sisterly and took Jamie-Lynn to the local tattoo parlor for some ink. Afterwards, they downed a couple of fawdies on her front porch and shot BB guns at stray cats. The Daily Mail has the scoop.

Britney, 25, took 16-year-old Jamie-Lynn Spears to a seedy tattoo parlour in Los Angeles for a late-night visit. It’s unclear exactly what happened there last night, but perhaps the singer was having a little redesign work done.

Two years ago she and K-Fed had matching dice tattooed on their wrists as a symbol of their enduring love. According to an eyewitness last night she was having hers altered into something less embarrassing. Let’s hope that’s a lesson for her kid sister.

Her kid sister seems slightly more advanced than Brit. Hopefully she’s helping by urging Brit to cover up any traces of K-Fed, reminding her to wear drawers, etc. Or maybe I’m just a foolish optimist and they actually got matching tattoos that said something like “Country Girlz Rule!” or “Take A Ride On My Tractor, Ya’ll!” These tattoos have liknessess of the two of them in pigtails and Daisy Dukes, with x’s over their eyes to indicate drunkeness. Britney’s will be located next to her tattoo of Calvin peeing on Christina Aguilera.

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