Britney Gets a Visit From the Ex and Kids


We’re not really sure if Kevin brought the kids, or if he showed up by himself, but he did come to see Britney at the “Promises” treatment center in Malibu for the second time since Britney checked herself into rehab. The first time he saw her, he came bearing cigarettes and pictures of the kids. E! News Online reports:

The would-be rapper paid a visit to his estranged wife in rehab on Saturday with the couple’s two sons, 17-month-old Sean Preston and 5-month-old Jayden James in tow, People reports. (According to Us Weekly, it was Spears’ mom, Lynne, who brought the kids.)

Also, during Brit’s thirty to forty-five day stay a the treatment facility, he’ll have the kids in his charge. More than anything, the way that he’s looking comparatively more together than Brit is the most disorienting aspect of this entire situation. It’s turning my whole superficial, gossip-obsessed world upside down.