Britney Didn’t Like What The Craft Services Tables Was Offering


Britney’s taken charge of her life, but sometimes it’s to the detriment of the products she’s trying to shill. There was a diva moment on the set of her new perfume commercial. Who in the hell is buying the scent of weave glue, Red Bull and Bugles?

“There was a shoot last week in L.A. for a new perfume she’s coming out with and something happened,” a source says. “She got very upset and stormed out of the shoot and wouldn’t come back. She is not listening to anyone and doing exactly what she wants. But sometimes she doesn’t know best.” A rep for Spears didn’t return e-mails.

Seriously, there was probably no Cooler Ranch Doritos available at the lunch table or beef jerky. She’s a snack attacker.