Britney Continues the Shame Spiral

We all make mistakes, but Britney….you need to consult with someone of superior intelligence every time you make a decision. The guy at the McDonald’s drive through is just not cutting it. Having relations and marrying that turd/Vanilla Ice knock off Kevin-NO! Hanging with Paris and airing out your noonie for the world to ridicule-NO! Knocking off fragrance bottles-NO!

Britney’s new fragrance “Midnight Fantasy” is a dead ringer for the Worth perfume “Dans La Nuit.” It made it’s market debut three years after “Chanel No. 5″ in 1924. The perfume didn’t have the staying power that No. 5 has, but it will bring home about $2,000 for an empty bottle. Ms. Spears has created an identical bottle filled with what I am guessing is the sent of flowers, Cheetohs, and desperation.

Poor girl. It’s like a train wreck you just can stop looking at. Call me Brit, I would be happy to pull you out of the dumps and buy you some panties.

Special thanks to Christopher Peterson

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