Britney Can Party Too

What’s the best way to get your lazy, wants-to-party-all-the-time husband to understand exactly why he should be going out less and helping you more with the kiddies at home? Go out and do some partyin’ of your own, of course! And that’s exactly how one Mrs. Kevin Federline is teaching her hubby (who still seems to be suffering from a severe allergy to belts) a lesson about being a responsible parent. From Page Six:

Britney Spears took a night off from being a full-time mom to her two sons, Sean Preston and Sutton Pierce, last week to hang out with a girlfriend and catch the sexy Pussycat Dolls perform at Pure in Las Vegas. Spears and her pal stayed out till 1 a.m., but still didn’t stay out as late as her hubby – who, under the guise of promoting his upcoming album, has been going to clubs in L.A. and Las Vegas every night.

In all fairness, she probably does deserve a break. I mean, it’s exhausting, spending all day dropping babies on the ground, and driving them around without car seats. I should know. I used to baby-sit.

Written by Lisa Timmons