Britney Brags to K-Fed About All The Ass She’s Getting

It’s always so much more fun when trashy celebrities split. At least they don’t try to front like they’re “mature” and shit. TMZ has the dirt:

According to In Touch Weekly, Spears called the Fed-Ex to ask him if he’d seen pictures of her kissing music producer J.R. Rotem and then bragged about a sexual escapade she’d just had. What’s more, Britney, according to In Touch’s sources, has been taunting Federline about his newly-reduced financial status. “It was really bad,” says an eyewitness. “[Brit] just started pushing his buttons … he started screaming at her.”

Yikes. Just think about how pissed Kevin would have been if Britney would have slept with someone actually worth bragging about.

Britney Kicks K-Fed When He’s Down [TMZ]

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