Britney Brags to K-Fed About All The Ass She’s Getting

December 20th, 2006 // 7 Comments

It’s always so much more fun when trashy celebrities split. At least they don’t try to front like they’re “mature” and shit. TMZ has the dirt:

According to In Touch Weekly, Spears called the Fed-Ex to ask him if he’d seen pictures of her kissing music producer J.R. Rotem and then bragged about a sexual escapade she’d just had. What’s more, Britney, according to In Touch’s sources, has been taunting Federline about his newly-reduced financial status. “It was really bad,” says an eyewitness. “[Brit] just started pushing his buttons … he started screaming at her.”

Yikes. Just think about how pissed Kevin would have been if Britney would have slept with someone actually worth bragging about.

Britney Kicks K-Fed When He’s Down [TMZ]

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. PopCultureQueen

    GO Brit-Brit! Is there anything more satisfying than yanking the leash of a dog who has forgotten who his master is? And if I’m not mistaken- it was the wigger himself who was a.) sleeping with a porn star and b.) trying to shop a porn tape of himself and Brit that never even existed while they were still married.

    GOOD RIDDANCE. And make it as painful as possible… anyone who subjects the world to assinine bullshit like ‘popozow’ deserves excruciating public humiliation…

  2. ken

    Actually he would probably be more pissed if she bragged she was getting more female tail (and better quality) than he was.

  3. Adolf Hitler

    riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. in touch just happend to have the info on such a call, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight….im kinda rooting for K Fed ex, but in all honesty, they are both idiots and shes just annoying. her 15 seconds, minutes , whatever is up……. sure is one greedy money hungry bitch though, thats for sure….and britney too..

  4. juju

    Kevin could give a fuck. He already used her for what he wanted, she was just part of the plan. He’s coming out looking like roses, and she is looking like the trailer trash she is and always will be. It doesnt matter how much money she has. This chick lost it years ago. She should have followed in Christina’s steps. Christina looks like a LADY compaired to nasty ass Britney. They are in a totally differant ball park right now.

  5. Joslin

    I’m with juju-Britney is just a bunch of trailer trash, but so is that punk people call “K-Fed.”

  6. I’m with juju-Britney is just a bunch of trailer trash, but so is that punk people call “K-Fed.”

  7. what

    Why the hell am I even reading this crap?

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