The Four Seasons Has Had Enough of Britney Spears

December 19th, 2007 // 27 Comments

Holy crap. Now, I know it looks like there were raindrops on the windshield, distorting Britney’s face some, but for the love of God, that is one terrifying picture of the pop star. Having had recently learned of her younger sister’s pregnancy, Britney’s also received some more upsetting news. She’s been banned from keeping a part-time residence at the Four Seasons. Her out-of-control behavior and tendency to attract hordes of paparazzi have finally been enough for the swank establishment. Adding to the list of places where Britney is no longer welcome, the Four Seasons is joining the Chateau Marmont, where Britney’s antics in the restaurant had the same result. Looks like someone’s trying to keep her little sister from stealing the limelight…

Photos: WENN

6 more photos of Britney Spears arriving at Lisa Kline are after the jump.

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Photos: WENN

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Dear Britney – Didn’t I ask you to just stop it?…seriously…stop…it’s embarrassing. Why won’t you listen to me? Just STOP. Seriously. It’s SO not cute…

  2. Sloane

    That’s it! I knew you guys would find the close up that explains the strange lighting and angles on her face lately. Half the time I would think it’s a shadow or odd lighting. Wow. Not good.

  3. Sloane

    The photo of her behind the wheel, are her eyes super-dilated?

  4. Lola

    Excuse my ignorance, but why does she need to live at a hotel part time? Doesn’t she own home(s) in the LA area?

  5. Boston

    WTF is that fu manchu action on her face? Is there some medical explanation for why her face is consistently discolored in that area?

  6. not only the four seasons………..SO DO WE!!

  7. Sloane

    I had to look again. The nails. Why are they burnt? Or is it a fungus? Don’t think it’s old nail polish, her nails are shiny, looks like natural oils, so why are the tips of her nails brown? Others have mentioned this before but this is the first time I’ve seen it so clearly.

  8. Ugh

    She must be extremely dirty to have skin that looks that bad at her age. Nasty.

  9. Ugh

    She must be extremely dirty to have skin that looks that bad at her age. Nasty.

  10. Ugh

    She must be extremely dirty to have skin that looks that bad at her age. Nasty.

  11. Ugh

    She must be extremely dirty to have skin that looks that bad at her age. Nasty.

  12. Ugh

    She must be extremely dirty to have skin that looks that bad at her age. Nasty.

  13. Ugh

    She must be extremely dirty to have skin that looks that bad at her age. Nasty.

  14. Zekers

    Ugh, slooooow that trigger finger down!

    That is quite a photo…

  15. spaz

    to answer a couple of questions…

    Lola, my guess why she stays at hotels is because she doesn’t have to worry about any mess she makes. if she is sloppy, she KNOWS a maid is coming to clean up. when she’s home, and she makes a mess, it stays where it is because you know she doesn’t pick it up. It’s a matter of what’s easiest for her. Pay one price, have your own room with room service (don’t even have to make that starbuck’s run!) and maid service. And if she REALLY trashes the place, she can just check out and get a new room.

    To Sloane…I think it’s hair dye. I saw another pic taken of her soon after she went brunette again, and the palms of her hands were stained the same shade of brown. I think she dyes her own hair and is too stupid to wear any type of gloves.

  16. T-Bone

    We all know she needs help. Let it rest.

  17. Nikita

    Just from experience (unfortunately), looks like perioral dermatitis. It’s hormonal acne that affects the skin around the mouth. It sucks – but there are things you can do to get rid of it. It has nothing to do with how dirty you are – it’s all hormones.
    I have always disliked Brit but lately I just feel bad for her. I think it’s possible she has a serious mental problem (not in a joking way). My aunt got schizophrenia when she was around 25. Seems possible.

  18. jinkiesvelma

    “let it rest”?

    when she actually gets the help she needs, then people will let it rest. but as long as she continues to make a spectacle of herself, people will watch.

  19. S

    She’s got banned from Winston’s too, don’t forget. Junkie dork whore.

  20. T-Bone

    Nikita – I think you’re right. Basically people are laughing their asses off and being cruel to a person who needs mental health (and probably chemical health) help. And I think you’re not that far off when you mention something like schizophrenia. Something is going on here, whether bipolar, shizo-affective disorder or psychotic breaks, I just don’t know. But I don’t see it as something particularly funny or a reason to be cruel. She’s certainly not deliberately trying to hurt anyone.

  21. Cara

    What a cluster fuck! If I were KFed, I’d push for a complete psychiatric evaluation and those little boys wouldn’t be allowed in her company until she complies. This is beyond frightening!

  22. joan durtz

    T-Bone – Interesting info coming from you since you seem to dominate some of the shit talking on this site.

    Just sayin’

  23. Nikita

    There are a lot of things Britney has in common with my aunt that has schizophrenia – paranoia, her children being taken away, the glazed look in her eyes, the baby talk, and disregard of her appearance. I’m not one to shy away from gossiping about celebrities but there is just something really off about Britney lately. I hope she gets help soon b/c my aunt didn’t and she’s 55 years old and has the maturity of a 12 year old from all the abuses of the disease (including self medicating with drugs). It’s sad.

  24. T-Bone

    Dear Joan – I generally don’t kick people when they’re down. That’s not my thing. I tend to kick when they’re up and arrogant or stomping on other innocent people.

  25. Blondie from Sacramento

    I love Britney. I’m tired of the trash-talkin haters. There’s gossip for fun and there’s gossip for mean. I think there’s a difference.

  26. Crystal

    Why are you guys obsessing over her?!?WHO CARES! Its people like you that cause young women to have self esteem issues! I read just the other day some 13 yr old girl killed herself because of the the crap people like you say and do. It doesn’t matter if a woman is fat,ugly, or poor or does some things she isn’t proud of, she still is a person. You guys are the reason why the world is prejudice and so messed up im digusted that i live in a world with you guys!

  27. Crystal

    I did volunteer work with young girls all through high school and some of these girls would tell me the people at school made fun of them for their appearance, it was awful that people do this to eachother Stop obsessing with celebrities because there are much more important things to discuss THERE IS A FRICKEN WAR GOING ON IN IRAQ AND YOU PPL CHOOSE TO TALK ABOUT BRITNEY SPEARS? PATHETIC!

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