Britney Attempted Suicide, On Watch While in Rehab

Good lord, it’s gotten so bad for this chick that even late-night talk show hosts are refusing to make fun of her . Now comes some scary reports that she was trying to kill herself . Ugh. She is reported to be on 24 hour suicide watch during rehab try #3 at Promises in Malibu.

“The source for Enquirer claimed, ‘After she shaved off her hair, Britney had a complete breakdown and tried to kill herself.'”

“A source told the publication: ‘Britney was crying and said she would kill herself if she lost the boys.'”

“Britney apparently tried walking directly into oncoming traffic, but a member of her staff grabbed her.”

‘During the night, she escaped and tried to walk into oncoming traffic. Britney said she wanted to kill herself. She later grabbed a bottle of Xanax and said she’d take the whole bottle – she didn’t care what happened to her.-

Ok, put down the Xanax. Put down the umbrella. Put down the clippers. Put down the tattoo needle. Put down the meth. Put down the liquor. Put down the coke. Put down the crazy. Put on the panties. Stay in rehab and get your shit together. We’re all behind you. We want you to get well, and be a good mom, and do whatever you want to do in life. We want you to be fabulous. Wow, that was stirring. I should be in a high school football movie.

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