Britney and Dude Enjoy Community Lollipop

August 3rd, 2007 // 20 Comments

Ewww. That is just nasty. Britney Spears was heading out of Winston’s in Hollywood last night, and was welcomed by a swarm of paparazzi eager to photograph and video-tape her every move. While she walked toward her car with her cousin and former assistant, Alli Sims, she sucked on a lollipop, while sporting what looks like mid-length brown weave. Now, here’s the gross part, after getting situated in the car with Ali, a guy (I have no idea who he is) appears to ask Britney for the sucker and then proceeds to SUCK ON IT HIMSELF. That. Is. Horrifying. First off, is he aware that her mouth probably still tastes like Federline and the floor of the PURE nightclub in Vegas? Secondly, you know that lollipop is like a big, round petri dish of all kinds of mystery germs. I bet there’s even Ebola up in there somewhere. Maybe he likes the taste, or living on the edge. OK, I’m going to be right back…I just have to go lose my lunch and then brush my teeth about five times.

And, I’m back. I almost forgot to mention that it had been reported earlier that Britney and her cousin, Ali, were on the outs, but from this video it appears that the two are on speaking/clubbing terms. That’s all–you can go back to be nauseated.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. mrs b

    does any one know where britney got her outfit from?…its very cute!

  2. mrs b

    does any one know where britney got her outfit from?…its very cute!

  3. amy

    she always has a sucker these days. I guess you need one when you’re “rollin”. suck, suck, pass.

  4. hear inkvine

    it’s cause she is on E…that is what ravers do..suck on suckers…so you don’t chew your face off…


  5. Rutsa

    It was probably a marijuana lolli from the medicinal mj outfits out here.

  6. It's probably...

    Dunno about you all, but there are such things as liquid speed and acid (LSD) that can be put on such things as a sucker. Perhaps they’re all getting in on the “high”?

    Just wondering…

  7. Jeanie

    The lollipop incident aside, Britney managed to put on an incredibly cute, tasteful outfit. I have to give props. Let’s hope it’s baby steps towards a new look.

  8. Stephanie

    That guy looks like he’s related to them. What’s wrong with a little cuzin luvin’, y’all?! Woo!

  9. This biotch needs to shave her head and have another psychotic break-down. Maybe next time she’ll the “come-back” part or “check-out” for good. Either way, we never have to see this trailer park waistoid again.

  10. stolidog

    you KNOW Ali has some incredibly bad info on Brit Brit and she’s forcing Brit to finance her budding singing career and also forced her to go out last night and pretend happy (so it looks like Ali isn’t doing what she’s actually doing)

    Good for Ali.

  11. JaneSays

    Britney is sucking on a pot-pop! Either that or one of those pops that contain heavy doses of painkillers they give to cancer patients. Or she could be rolling. Either way, I give her teeth 2 months before they all start to rot.

  12. Ashley

    Seriously ya’ll? I found none of that story offensive/nasty. Is sharing a sucker gross?


  13. Darcy

    She’s gross and old and over.

    And I’m glad.

  14. silvarga


    what’re you trying to give me an eating disorder?

    My mind started running away with me and suddenly I was thinking about how many molecules I have to share with Britney and that any one of her skank germs could’ve floated up here and I’m ingesting it right now! This is worse than the Avian Bird Flu epidemic of 2005! I need a Gwyneth Paltrow-approved oxygen mask STAT!

  15. q

    at least she’s dressed this time

  16. sunnyd76

    She really needs to try some bangs…cuz her forehead appears to just be getting bigger and bigger.

  17. T-Bone

    Puleeze – so because you don’t like this celebrity you’re wishing both a “psychotic break” AND actual DEATH upon her?

    Doesn’t that obsession and anger say a lot more about you than her?

  18. Oh T-Boned, shut up. Puleeze.

  19. Well, at least finally it is a cute outfit.

    (I do agree she’s rollin. She wears sunglasses 24/7 these days. Sad.)

  20. What wrong with sharing suckers?

    I think Britney seems cool as hell these days. -)


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