Britney’s Off in Mexico with Photog Pal

I am so nervous that we are going to end up finding out that Britney Spears has been captured by a sheik and forced into marriage and sexual slavery on some 60 Minutes special a few weeks from now, at the rate she’s headed. It’s not much of a stretch, considering the shenanigans she’s engaged in at the moment. Now, girlfriend is in Mexico, hanging out with her new friend, paparazzo Adnan Ghalib. First, the talk was that she was camped out in New York, but she was subsequently spotted yesterday by “The Insider” in Rosarito Beach, Mexico riding around in a black Cadillac Escalade with Ghalib. Earlier in the day, they were also spotted shopping in the area. What the hell? This guy is so ridiculously shady. Clearly, Britney has done lost her mind and she can’t really help that, but he’s obviously taking advantage of the situation and I swear to God, these two better not get married. I really hope she’s at least got enough wherewithal to be taking her birth control regularly.

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