Britney Actually Working on Her Album

February 1st, 2007 // 2 Comments


Britney has flown to Vegas to work with a hot producer to record some hot tracks so she can release a hot album so that she can:

Choose your own quip!

A) afford panties
B) afford to construct her own synagogue now that she’s fake-Jewish
C) afford to keep up repairs on her animatronic baby Jayden, because I don’t think he’s real


Anyway, Brit’s working with “Dr. Luke” Gottwald on her album which is supposed to drop this fall. Gottwald is the one who made sure every single Kelly Clarkson ever recorded got on the radio for an eternity. He’s also worked with Avril Lavigne and Pink. Brit’s working with him at the Palms Resort’s private recording studio. You can go drinking, gambling and clubbing and then cut a hot track back at your hotel? Are you shitting me? That’s fantastic. Oh, you can get robbed, too, by a crackhead hooker. Trust me. Keep your wallet in your front pocket, Britney. That’s if you’re wearing pants. You whore.

By J. Harvey

  1. Uh, what was C)? afford divorce lawyers and alimony to K-Fed?

  2. D

    Luke’s a great guy and amazing at what he does. He’s also on Saturday Night Live as the lead guitarist!

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