Britney Accuses Mom of Getting with K-Fed

August 8th, 2007 // 8 Comments

There are so many things utterly WRONG with this accusation that I don’t even know where to start. Star magazine is reporting that Britney Spears is accusing her mom, Lynne, of doing the nasty with Brit’s ex-husband, Kevin Federline. As if the idea of Britney and Kevin having sex wasn’t enough to make me lose my appetite, the thought of him with Britney’s mom is just…well, let’s just say, I won’t have to keep hoping for malaria to lose those extra two pounds I’ve been willing away. A source revealed to the mag:

“Britney doesn’t know up from down right now. She’s so confused and angry, she told Lynne that she was so backstabbing, that she was probably sleeping with Kevin just to hurt her feelings. Lynne, on the other hand, is deeply hurt that her own daughter would so viciously accuse her of doing something so terrible.”

Now, Britney has to know that this isn’t true, otherwise, her mother would be pregnant. Because every time Kevin Federline has sex with a woman, he gets them pregnant. It’s his signature move. Sort of how my signature move is cutting the bitch who would dare sleep with my man. Are you reading, Mom? I’m not playing.


More photos of Ms. Spears leaving her video shoot are after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. green cardigan

    (weakly) No more Britney news. Please. Not until tomorrow at least. And let that be the news that she’s moved to a deserted Pacific island full of cheeto trees.

  2. Stinky Minky

    Holy crap! She is the Queen of Blame. Blames her assistant for her trashing a photo shoot. Blames the paparazzi for her almost dropping her kid despite she had a drink in her hand AND for her speeding away in a car with the kid unbuckled in her lap. And now blames her mom for her difficulties, claiming her mom slept with K-Fed. Someone needs give Brit-Brit a good ol’ slap upside the head and a one-way ticket to that Cheetoh Island green cardigan referenced.

  3. Malibuu

    Its not that far of a reach, they are hillbillies after all…..

  4. anon22

    Damn, feel sorry for this girl. All jokes aside for a second. You can just see her sadness in the 4th pic. She obviously needs help and apparently can’t even count on her own family. Considering the fact that the only reason they’re living the high life is cause of Britney’s success. Conclusion–> Malibuu’s right, what a bunch of hillibillies!

  5. peach

    I’m so sick of waiting for her to explode. Watching her is like trying not to look at the dead animal on the side of the road and at the last minute looking.

    Please make her go away.

  6. alexiel

    She kinda looks alright on these pics… if you forget about her outfit. For once she s not doing horrible grimaces where you can see whether she brushed her tooth last nite, or what flavor her favorite gums are!
    But yeah, no more britney news, it feels like she lives with me!!! and GIVE THE GIRL A F****** BREAK!!!

  7. Aw, poor filthy rich spoiled Brit!

    Yep! She’s taking the #1 position in the death watch. The sooner the better for her childrens sake.

  8. 007

    in all the comments above there is no mention of the number 1 problem in this women’s life which is the reason for all her recent difficulties in life……an obvious absence of a relationship with God. There have been numerous references to her having received and needing more psychiatric help but what this woman needs most of all is more time in church to establish the one thing which was most overlooked in her materialistic pursuits of adolescence and that is the development of a SOUL!

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