Britney A No-Show At Kevin Federline’s Listening Party

April 24th, 2006 // 19 Comments

While Britney may not be the brightest bulb, she did shine when she made the decision to skip his album listening party on Friday at Pure in Las Vegas. Reportedly the couple had argued at a restaurant prior to the event, and she left and returned to their hotel room in tears.

Local newspaper the Las Vegas Review Journal reports the couple were spotted arguing in Caesar’s Nero restaurant ahead of Federline’s bash and Spears retired to their hotel suite in tears.

Federline went on to perform two songs, “America’s Most Hated” and “Rockstar” from his debut album Playing With Fire, after an introduction by Paris Hilton‘s mother Kathy. Federline entertained a few hundred fans.

More photos of Kevin Federline from his CD listening party at Pure, after the jump.

Spears no-show at Kevin’s gig [China Daily]

(Images via Saving Face)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. sage

    WTF, Kathy Hilton?

  2. libby


    britney didn’t attend b/c she’s HEARD HIM SING ALREADY.

    i’ll bet anyone present regrets attending.

    come on!
    i8 have NO RESPECT for brit, if ahe left him she MIGHT be able to salvage her image. kind of typically southern white trash to pretend you have a good man, and prove it by getting pregnant right away and often.
    no self-esteem! to anyone who was a fan of BS, you see how good looks, money, and fame mean nothing if you have NO SELF-ESTEEM.

  3. heidi

    No one wants to hear him sing anyway. If I was Brit i wouldn’t want to go.

  4. d.c.

    And what will Britney miss? K-fed does the classless act, lowlife depraved performance around her all the time.

  5. las

    I never thought I’d say this about Britney, but who can blame her? The man is a walking white trash disaster, and he has no talent.

  6. katie

    It sounds like The Surreal Life.

    Kathy Hilton? Isn’t she a little too old and a little too rich to be bothering with some has-been? If I had her cash, I wouldn’t need to be introducing some gold-digger loser wanna-be “rapper.” Ugh.

  7. Hailie

    And the most shocking part of this story is he entertained a few hundred FANS

  8. charlotte

    looks like Britney in one of the pics.

  9. bella

    the new definition of the word “SAD”

  10. tes

    Ew. Kevin looks even grosser now that he has a gut. Maybe it’s a ‘sympathy pregnancy’. *shudders*

  11. wtf

    Kathy Hilton: Hype Man?

  12. Chicki20716

    When I first heard this story I was hoping the reason she did not attend was because she was AT HOME TAKING CARE OF HER BABY – I guess I was wrong (wishful thinking). Maybe she figures the baby has a better chance at life without her influence. I feel so sorry for little Sean!

  13. Lovinlife

    I was at the show…he’s such a loser, I can see why Britney didn’t go. We did get to see Tom Brady which was definitely the hightlight of the show

  14. smroxs

    Wow. Nice spare tire there K-Fed. And get your hands OUT of the air you stupid people. You’re only encouraging him.

  15. Dianna

    I was there and he sucked! He can’t rap for sh*t!

  16. ohpleaze


    That totally upsets me that you saw Tom Brady at the K-Fed show. I’m going to pretend I didn’t read that now. Tommy, how could you?

  17. korie

    k-fed is seriously an embarrasment to the whole rap industry and if i was britney..i’d be embarrassed to. who wants a loser for a hubby. k-fed..if you read this….GET A LIFE

  18. a-list star



    Nick Lachey seems like a king compared to this guy. You have to admire k-fed for his ho control though.

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