Britney’s Assistant Used a Hammer to End the Stand-Off

UPDATE: The court ruling of Britney’s custody hearing that took place this afternoon is in and TMZ is reporting that Kevin Federline has the full responsibility of the kids until at least January 14th. At that point, there will be another case to determine custody again.

Behold the eerie image of Britney Spears being wheeled away to the hospital last night. Now, it’s been revealed by Page Six that when Britney locked herself in the master bathroom with Jayden James after drinking vodka, her assistant, Alli Sims, eventually had to break the door down with a hammer. At that point, Sims telephoned for emergency help and the rest is…well, all over the Internet, really. Kevin Federline’s recent reported flirtations with Paris Hilton reportedly also led to Britney’s emotional break-down. The Page Six source revealed, “She is mad that he would get involved with her ‘so called’ friend.”

Meanwhile, Britney’s parents are naturally distraught over the situation, with a tearful Lynn Spears telling Access Hollywood over the phone, “Just say prayers,” in reference to her ailing daughter. With mother Lynn and sister, Jamie Lynn laying low in their home in Kentwood, La. after the announcement of Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy, it was Britney’s father and older brother who were able to most quickly visit Britney in the hospital. If you had any doubt that Lynn’s parenting book was on the shelf…