What Went On In That Hotel Suite With Britney And The Photographer

December 28th, 2007 // 2 Comments

Crazy, stay home! You’re Starbucks’ best customer and I bet you anything they would deliver just so Monique the barista can focus on the notes for the spec script for “Two And A Half Men” she’s writing and stop going into seizures with all the camera flashes that accompany you whenever your fat ass rolls up on the joint! Monique, we feel you, baby! Remember the other night when Britney Spears had one of her patented berserk nights out on the town and ended up ensnaring a paparazzi named Adnan? They were holed up in the Peninsula Hotel until 10 AM the next morning. Pagesix.com reports that Sources close to Adnan are saying that nothing sexual happened and he just had to sit there and listen to her mania all night. Britney was said to have riffed on everything. From what was on TV to how she doesn’t trust anyone around her and feels very deceived and alone. Did she at least take the wig off? Imagine having to sit there for seven hours listening to some crackhead hold forth? I hope he at least got some exclusive pics out of the deal to further his career. Adnan had wormed his way into Britney’s heart by helping her pump gas and showing her some kind of paparazzi chivalry. Apparently, Britney is telling people she did bang this guy but he’s denying it to friends. I would, too. You all know there’s been times when you’ve tussled with someone gross and had to play it off to your friends the next day. What do you mean it was me? Screw you, I’m beautiful!

Photos: WENN

6 more photos of Britney Spears on another Starbucks run are after the jump.

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Photos: WENN

By J. Harvey

  1. DruNken LauRen

    aint it sad, J, why do men deny sleeping w/her after they obviously do…. would you, oh, yeah, nevermind,,,, he he he

    J, remember when i said (many many moons ago) that I’d tap that ass if only to her alimony (a-lot-of-money) from her… I take it back, she is gross

  2. BritneyBaby

    WOW! Britney really needs to calm it down. It’s so funny that she bought one of those 5-Hour energy drinks. I see them all the time at the gas stations, and I keep seeing her drinking them- have always been tempted to buy one. Has anyone tried one? Do they really work?

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