Britney Spears and Her Mom Not Seeing Eye-to-Eye

January 30th, 2008 // 9 Comments

Lynne Spears is happy to see her daughter once again, but tensions between the two are high, with Britney being pulled away from her family by her controlling manager, Sam lufti and her boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib. With Sam encouraging Britney to continue her late-night shopping sprees, Britney and her mother have found themselves embroiled in constant arguments. Here’s Britney with a new Mercedes that Sam convinced her to purchase recently, which she paid for in cash. This purchase was the source of an tiff between mother and daughter at the dealership and reportedly after driving her new car off the lot, Britney “pulled over to the side of the road to argue with her mom more.”

It appears that Lynne’s hoping to try and convince Britney to come “back home,” but according to Sam lufti, Mama Spears needs to butt out. lufti has reportedly said of Lynne and Jamie Spears, “They have an agenda. Their agenda is jealousy because they don’t fit in. I do.” This is such a terrifying Lifetime made-for-TV movie.

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Photos: WENN

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Evil Charity

    Wow. Brit’s mom and sister are jealous and don’t fit into her bat shit crazy lifestyle and therefore they are promoting their own agenda??? Ay yi yi. Where did she find this guy? At least she’s got that new Mercedes…that will solve all of her problems.

  2. spaz

    I am not one to normally advocate assassinations, but, um, someone needs to off that Lutfi guy. who is HE to decide that he’s better off for Britney than her own family?

    And I’m beginning to agree with those of you who said F*** legality and that her mother should have her kidnapped and de-/re-programmed.

  3. peachpie

    ‘terrifying’ is exactly the correct word, Ms. Timmons.

  4. Cat

    yes I agreed for Ol Sam & Anien there to BUTT OUT! Blood is thicker than water at teh end of this charade.

  5. Queen Caffeine

    At least with Kevin, it seemed like there was some kind of love there, however misguided. But these two guys are just so calculating.

    It’s like she’s been swallowed up by a tiny cult. If she were a family member of mine, I’d be so frustrated.

  6. Nanc'

    I applaud (sort-of) Mom Spears for showing-up and trying to help her daughter BUT…how much help can she be?
    I really think that she may have been a part of Brit’s descent into hell.
    If she’s going to do anything, it’s get her daughter into treatment. Otherwise, she’s done enough damage and needs to back-off. The only thing she can really do at this point is get the girl into treatment.

  7. silvarga

    Even if Lynne manages to convince Britney to “go home” with her, she’ll have a hell of a time getting rid of Lufti. From what I understand about previous restraining orders against Lufti, he stalks, harasses, and phones in death threats to those who try to break ties with him.

  8. Marcus

    This whole disgusting situation actually tops the Anna Nicole drama. Britney has turned away any body who might be considered to possibly perhaps maybe have a smidgen of her best interests at heart and now? Now she’s left herself, apparently unawares, with two dirtbags that care so little for what they are doing to her that they publicly feud over who gets to make the most money off of her. At least Stern’s abuses were mostly unknown until after Anna Nicole’s death.

    This whole tragedy is sickening. If magazines and blogs would begin to refuse purchase of the 24 hour surveillance photos, the paps would be forced to move on to cover someone else’s misery. With no paps, maybe Britney can come out of her haze and see her life for what it has become. I realize she seeks the attention and is as big a player as anyone in this scene. However, she is so obviously a very sick and alone person that anyone making profit off of her at this point should basically kiss their own soul goodbye.

    Assuming they haven’t already.

  9. Tiffie

    We’re being played by Britney. She is so tiresome and what a coward. Her children and parents mean nothing to her because she cannot manipulate them. She is addicted to attention even if it’s bad attention. Wonder how she’d feel if (God forbid) her children, mom and dad died tomorrow and were no longer here? How in the hell would she justify her behavior then? It’s all about Britney getting her way. It appears that she is a cowardly, stupid, stubborn, ignorant girl – certainly not a responsible, grown woman and mother. I have no sympathy for her and find her antics boring and the fake accent just another pathetic attempt to get attention. YAWN….

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