Britney Spears Thinks Willow Smith Is Cute, Y’all!

Willow Smith has found yet another fan in Britney Spears, who called the pint-sized singer “so cute” via Twitter. Britney exclaimed about “Whip My Hair”: “Have you guys seen Will Smith’s daughter @OfficialWillow’s video? SOOOO CUTE!!!!”

Kim Kardashian also tweeted: “Willow Smith is so beautiful!!!! I’m kind of obsessed with her!”

I think Willow Smith should take this as a sign to stop now. When former child star’s are telling you you’re doing great, while they are slowly going insane and wallowing in the vestiges of their careers (pictured fighting with boyfriend Jason Trawick yesterday), you should start realizing something called PARALLELS. Oh wait, I forgot, Willow Smith dropped out of the third grade.

Side note: Happy Birthday Willow! You are 10 years old today…and probably another 10 away from a total breakdown.