Britney Spears: Singer To Royalty

Or at least she’d like to be. According to reports, Britney Spears would love to perform for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton. Apparently Brit was Will’s ideal woman in her heyday, so it would be only fitting that she should sing for them.

Britney told Glamour UK, “That would be amazing. That would be really crazy and cool. I think they’re a beautiful couple. Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch the wedding but I heard it was beautiful.” You missed the wedding? Like, all of it? Were you under a rock?

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Britney will soon be hitting the big 3-0, but is looking quite fantastic. Sure, she may head back to her dressed down, trashy look on occasion, but she looked amazing at the VMAs. Like seriously, her outfit was fantastic. Looking at her you almost can’t believe she went crazy, shaved her head and had a horrible VMA performance. Oh Britney!

Hopefully Brit will soon be heading into the studio to work on her duet with Lady Gaga. Seriously, I can’t wait for that anymore. Imagine the epicness! Check out the gallery for Britney’s photo shoot from Glamour. She looks fantastic. What do you think of this new Britney? She seems to be trying. I like it.