Britney Spears Performs On Jimmy Kimmel, Is A ‘Jackass’ [VIDEOS]

Jimmy Kimmel has become one of the most creative of the late night talk show hosts, and Britney Spearsappearance on the show last night Kimmel showed why his show is so much fun.

Kimmel visited Spears in a Live! green-room to show her that he’d tattooed his left and right calf muscles with “BRITNEY” and “SPEARS” respectively. Spears shooed him out of the room with a nicely delivered, “You’re getting on my nerves.”

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Spears had some fun with guest Johnny Knoxville, donning goggles to endure what she called “The Poo Cocktail Supreme,” a taped segment that was “cut” from Jackass 3-D in which she was trapped in a porta-potty for a messy stunt.

View the gallery to check out photos of Britney performing and about to film the Jackass stunt, and after the the jump we have the performance and clip videos from last night’s show.

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