Britney Spears’ Non-Exposure Act

March 20th, 2011 // 2 Comments

As we all know the past couple of years have been rough for Britney Spears. Now that she is working on her comeback, she wants to make sure that there will no repeats of the past. Especially since she has worked so hard in both her professional and private lives.

PHOTO: From the set of Britney’s newest music video!

How is she doing that? A non-disclosure agreement that all the dancers for her new music video had to sign, states, “Contractor acknowledges that it is essential that [Britney] not be exposed to any alcohol, drugs or controlled substances.” That’s not all: Dancers can be asked to do a drug test at any time, which if they fail or refuse to take will result in being fired.

Is this too harsh? No, this is a smart career move for Britney’s camp. If they can keep any and all substances away from her, they she won’t have that distraction. Therefore, success.

By Nicole McPeck

  1. Britney Spears Baseball Game Holding Baby
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    She has no control over her life whatsoever. At almost 30 years old, her babysitters have to make sure everyone around her behaves? What a loser. I love how the Britarded fans keeps saying she is doing such a good job. NO NO SHE ISN’T. Her babysitters and pretend boyfriend/paid babysitter are doing a good job at keeping her in check. Her youngest kid has all of the markings of a FAS and check out the one pic where she looks like she is choking him. All of these appearances at the kids game right before her album drops – uh, can you say PR pics???? Once the album drops, she will be no where near these kids.

  2. jean

    not her fan, but this is great; above all she has two kids who need her more than anyone wlsw; I hope she succeeds in her goal of staying clean!

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