Britney Spears Joins Ex Kevin Federline At Little League Game

Despite having a huge album about to break, Britney Spears still knows the importance of family and was seen at a little league game for her son Sean Preston with her boyfriend Jason Trawick - but guess who else was there: ex-husband Kevin Federline and his girlfriend Victoria Prince.

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Federline, 32, coaches the West Hills Yankees team, which his five-year-old son plays for. He shouted on encouragement to Sean Preston and his teammates while Britney proudly watched her son from the stands…

Britney was eventually seen chatting with her ex and his girlfriend, showing how far the couple have come in rebuilding their relationship for their kids. Jayden James also cheered on his brother sitting atop Jason’s knee.

Later in the game Britney and Jason cooed over a friend’s baby and the singer couldn’t resist going in for a cuddle. Seems someone may be getting a little broody again?