Britney Spears Is Spending Her ‘X-Factor’ Millions Wisely At Old Navy [PHOTOS]

September 21st, 2012 // 1 Comment

Way to be responsible Britney Spears!

Pop star and ‘X-Factor’ judge Britney Spears arrives back in Los Angeles to shop for her boys at Old Navy after attending auditions in North Carolina only last night (September 20, 2012).

Did anyone else catch last night’s Britney 2.0 episode of Glee? While the first Britney episode celebrated Spears’ triumphs, re-creating her breakout music video for “Baby, One More Time” and her Madonna duet “Me Against the Music,“ in Britney 2.0 the was toally on Britney’s downward spiral.

First, Brittany tried to shave her own head because, she reasoned, “if I can’t have a high pony, I don’t want hair at all.” Unlike the original Brit-Brit, Mr. Schue was able to stop her in time, but that didn’t keep the fifth year senior from going berserk in the McKinley halls moments later when she attacked the paparazzi, errr… Jacob Israel with a large umbrella.

I wonder how Ms. Spears felt about that being depicted on the show?

Britney has other things than watching Glee that is keeping her busy, she will be participating in the iHeartRadio festival. Britney tweeted… 

Britney will not be performing, but she will be handling some of the hosting duties.

By Michael Prieve

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