Britney Spears Is Feeling Nervous About ‘The X-Factor’ Finale! Are You? [PHOTOS]

Britney and Joe Jonas
The singer does a sexy dance for the JoBro.
With the season finale of ‘X-Factor’ quickly approaching, the judges of the singing competition show are making the rounds to promote the could-be winners of the televised singing competition. The promoting started last night when the contestants and the judges and hosts walked the purple carpet at a press conference before the show started.

With each of the judges at different points in their journey, their behind-the-camera looks and personas all reflected that. L.A. Reid looked all smiles with his finalist mentee, Tate Stevens. The music mogul recently announced that he wouldn’t be returning to judge the show far a 3rd season, much to the dismay of the rest of the judges– even the seldom-affectionate Simon Cowell, who said of Reid’s departure, “On a personal level, I’m going to miss him. On a business level, I’m also going to miss him…” Even with the pressure of still having one contestant in the competition, Reid looked laid back, probably enjoying his last few days on the show more than anything.

The judge who should be the most relaxed would be Demi Lovato, who’s last mentee, CeCe Frey got eliminated last week, leaving Lovato without any other contenders on the show. Despite Lovato’s virtually pointless position on the show as of this week, the singer showed up looking as trendy as ever, wearing a striped skirt, black tights and an abundance of eyelashes at the finale.

Despite having being the contestant who is most favored to win (Carly Rose Sonenclar) Britney Spears appeared at the event looking… odd, to say the least. With a strangely geometric hair do, that some are even speculating whether or not the hair is even real at all, and nothing but awkward poses on the carpet, maybe the singer was suffering from a case of nerves. Hand in hand with her 13-year-old protege, Spears tweeted her support of the young girl saying “Spending the day with the one & only @CarlyRoseMusic. I’m telling y’all… this girl is COMING for the win this week.”

I guess we’ll just have to wait until Thursday to find out for sure!

Tune into Fox’s ‘The X-Factor’ this Wednesday and Thursday to see the final show down of the top 3 singers in the show, and to see the last dropping of knowledge from L.A. Reid.