1. Bigfish

    Fake tit’s, paunch, yellow fingers from chain smoking, probably smells like an ashtray, to go with her filthy mouth and frequent meltdowns. Bet Disney is more careful about who they give a start from now on.

    • Adamkadman

      Bigfish You say all that like it’s a bad thing or something. More prime for me I guess.

    • Ayama

      Man dude, stop being so jealous of somebody else.

      She doesnt have fake boobs dumbass, frequent meltdowns? Do your research, that was 2007, Britney was voted mother of the yr in 2009 man…seriously?

      You have no idea and you talk out of your ass, damn your one of those kids that were jealous of Brit back in 1999.

      As Britney once said “Sorry, I’m too busy selling 50 million albums to care”

  2. mahfouz


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