Britney Spears Shows Off Bikini Bod In Malibu [PHOTOS]

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Seeing Britney Spears looking happy makes me happy. The poor girl has been through the ringer, and she seems to be totally on the right path again. Lindsay Lohan take note. However, it does help that Britney has a supportive family, as opposed to Lindsay Lohan’s insane family.

Britney looks to be in great shape (I’d bash her for the smoking, but hey, everyone needs one vice), as she showed off her taut bikini body yesterday (March 25, 2013) in Malibu, CA.

After hanging out at a friends house while wearing a bikini, she and her friend went for a little lunch at Cafe Habana. 

Britney rocked a black strapless number with a daring keyhole in the front, which made it obvious that she was not wearing a bra. Though she struggled to keep her dress from slipping down and revealing much more than she intend to.

Britney will never be a fashionista. She loves being comfortable too much, and that’s okay.

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