Britney Spears And Demi Lovato Leave Their Mark During X-Factor Premiere [PHOTOS]

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Britney Spears looked positively radiant at the premiere event for Fox’s The X Factor Season 2 and handprint ceremony at the Chinese Theatre yesterday (September 11, 2012) in Los Angeles, California.

She was joined by fellow judges Demi Lovato, L.A. Reid, and show creator Simon Cowell, ahead of tonight’s premiere.

Britney tweeted: “I’m here!!! Just walked the blue carpet for the #XFactorParty – so exciting!”

The foursome were also honored yesterday during their very own Walk of Fame handprint ceremony at Hollywood’s Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Britney shared her thoughts about the first couple of weeks on set. 

“It was hard for me at first, and then you gradually get used to it. It’s hard because they all boo you,” Spears told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “You have got 5,000 people behind you and they actually love everyone. So if you say no, they go crazy.”

Simon Cowell said, “I actually came over as a softie. I would say yes, and [Spears and Demi Lovato] are looking at me like these people are never going to be stars.”

So what did it take for Spears to say yes? “The package. I want them to be able to perform, I want them to feel alive onstage, and of course the voice has to be amazing as well,” she said. “To combine all those three things is the ‘it’ factor for me… It’s a thrill and is so much fun when you actually see it, when you see someone come to life on the stage and deliver the way they are supposed to. It is just the best feeling.”

Will you be tuning in to tonight’s premiere episode of The X-Factor?

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