British Reality TV Star Jade Goody Dies Of Cancer

March 22nd, 2009 // 32 Comments

After losing a public battle with cervical cancer, British reality television star Jade Goody passed away in her sleep. The 27-year-old who became famous after her appearance on the reality series Big Brother died in her home with her family by her side.

In 2007, Goody made headlines when she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and was accused of racist bullying against fellow contestant Shilpa Shetty. Goody later apologized to the Indian actress and the two became unlikely friends. Shetty traveled to the UK to visit Jade earlier this month. However, Goody was already too sick to accept visitors at that point.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown spoke on the young woman’s passing, “She will be remembered fondly by all who knew her and her family can be extremely proud of the work she has done to raise awareness of cervical cancer, which will benefit thousands of women across the UK.”

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. matt

    AT LAST the racist pig is dead.

    The whole Jade affair constantly in the UK media was disgusting and OK! Magazine had a tribute edition last week. Edition 666 (seems fitting) contained a tribute to Jade, on page 66 the words “Before she died” was enough to spark outrage and calls to the Press complains commission.

    This was published a few days before she even died.

    When Jade was diagnosed with Cancer, not many people believed her, a case of CRY WOLF.

    She ignored a letter advising her smear test was not normal, she ignored it hoping it would go away.

    Jade died of her own stupidy.

  2. Anne Arkham


    It seems she got things right by the end.

  3. OO

    Matt, who do you think you are? Someone just died a tragic death, have some respect. Jade was just a gereally lovely person who meant no harm to anyone. RIP and respects to family.

  4. Denise

    Matt u shud be ashamed of yourself, she had her faults everybody does but she did not deserve to be snatched from her two young boys and the rest of her family. she was only in 27 think of how much she will miss out on. You shud hang ur head in shame

  5. Leslie

    I am very saddened by the death of this young woman. No matter what you thought of her, it is always sad to hear about a 27 year old who looses their life to something that could have been prevented. My heart goes out to her family and young sons. I hope they grow up knowing how much she loved them

  6. matt

    Tragic my arse!

    I’m just exercising my right to speak my mind, I’ve never liked her, she has whored her cancer to the the press and made so much money for her boys who will never need to ever work.

    Jade was a racist and a bully plus being thick as pig shit.

    How can I show any respect for her?

    So many people are being two faced, suddenly feeling sad for her.

  7. Denise

    I think if any1is as thick as pig shit it is clearly u!can u jus take ur head outa ur pompas ass for long enough to see she was making money for her children so that they will have enough money to survive. i think any mother would do the same. also i think that the fact that you fail to see that this is tragic and an awful thing to have happened needs no comments as i think every1 reading your comments will come to the same conclusion that ur an asshole!!

  8. Anonymous

    Im 16 an i feel sicked by the two coments you (‘matt’) just made.
    She was twenty seven years old! she had a whole life ahead of her. Everybody makes mistakes and hers were mearly exaggerated by her fame.
    These people are not being two faced, many are raslising now she has passed away, that she deserved to live th rest of her life and wasn’t as bad as many thought!
    You disgust alot of people with your ‘right to speak you mind’ and need to keep your oppinions to yourself.
    Heartless pig!

  9. susan breeze

    sorry to hear your sad news R.I.P Jade look after her beautiful baby boys Jack

  10. matt

    Jack will have nothing to do with the kids since he is due in court for beating the shit out of a 16 year old boy plus he isn’t the FATHER of the kids.

    As for my comments on Jade, I speak for many people in the UK who are sick and tired of the media circus she created.

    I am exercising my RIGHT to freedom of speech.

  11. heima

    May she rest in peace.

    Matt, you are just exercising your right to sound stupid.

  12. just sayin'

    Matt – indeed you have a right to free speech. But the people who’ve responded to you and called you an ass also have that same right to their free speech & their opinion of you.

    I agree that there has been way too much hoopla over Jade, and I don’t get how reality TV can make people into “stars” but then again I hate shows like Big Brother and Amazing Race & I refuse to watch them, so maybe I’m a little biased. However, it’s still sad that she (or anyone for that matter) died of something totally preventable so young, even if she was a racist jerk. (I’m not saying she is, I really don’t know as I’ve never seen her on the show and couldn’t have picked her out of a lineup before all the recent press about her.) It’s my opinion that no one deserves to suffer and die of cancer.

  13. OO

    Matt…its not two face its just being respectful. Think about it for a minute, a woman died at 27. If she’s as ‘stupid’ as your saying then how could she be racist?

    You are being cold and disgusting. No one should pay respect to a person like you.

  14. Cadi

    I am so sorry for her family, but glad that she is no longer in pain.

    Matt, I am from the UK: you do not speak for me, you can only speak for yourself. To suggest otherwise displays nauseating arrogance.

  15. Nicky

    She may have been famous for nothing but it is still very sad that she died from cancer. No one deserves to die from such a horrible disease. I feel for her children who will never get to see their mother again. It’s a very hard thing to go through so I wish her family all the best.

    And Matt, if your mother or father get cancer and die (I hope that they don’t), how you would feel if someone said they were a bitch/bastard and attention whores?

  16. matt

    Read the threads on Digital Spy, I’m not the only one.

  17. ButchWacker

    Ding Dong The Pig Is Dead.

    I, for one, say HOO-RAH!

  18. Jess

    ButchWacker, I wish you were dead.

  19. Nicky

    Yes Matt and there are just as many people speaking her praise to. You don’t have to like her but you can still see how tragic it is that a 27 year old women has died and that 2 boys will grow up without their mother. And another good thing that has come out of it is that she has made young women more aware of the consequences from missing your regular check up at the doctor.

  20. Mike

    OO… She was probably racist because “she was so stupid”. Most of the most racist people in the world are like that because they are ignorant & stupid!

  21. Ivy

    So sad may her soul rest in perfect peace. To the family I send my condolence. And to the boys may the good Lord himself console you. The Lord knows best and will bring you ‘two’ to your expected end. Have me deepest condolence.


  22. Blub

    I totally agree with you matt, she was a racist fat whore and although I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with cancer I do not feel sorry for her!
    All that press just disgusted me and I think she should have given alot more money to cancer research!!!!!

  23. jimmy

    Matt is right.
    If you’re going to glorify her death…why not glorify the deaths of the poor everyday and make 6 page tributes in magazines. Big deal she is dying…about 100,000 a day die. Feel sympathy for them as well.

  24. Mouser

    Good for you Matt… have your say – there’s damn little freedom of speak in the UK these days.

    It’s not tragic it’s just natural selection – Darwin was right!

    Blub and Jimmy praise for some frank and excellent points!

  25. Jonny

    It’s strange how each of these people who show support for Matt have suddenly posted one after the other all within a 4hr window…

  26. Mickey

    You wouldn’t be mistaken for thinking they were all the same person logging in under different names?

  27. Ian

    What do you think Matt? ;-)

    I for one feel that it’s a tragedy and a blessing. Because although the poor girl has passed away so young she has also lived and left a wonderful legacy, both in the form of her boys but also in the lives she has and will continue to save after making the importance of the test so public. My girlfriend recently recieved the very same letter and although she is worried she is also far more aware of what to expect and what the consequences are should she ignore it.

    R.I.P and thank you.

  28. ButchWacker

    Kinda like “Jonny” and “Mickey” ?

  29. Sacha

    RIP hun xx

  30. Geoff

    RIP Jade, My thoughts are with your family. I think Matt should stop posting comments pretending to be other users. Its obvious he’s a very sad individual with very few friends. I wonder what people will say about him when he’s dead……..not many nice things I would imagine.

  31. Jonny 'taking the mickey'

    Irony isn’t your strong point is it ButchWacker? (oh and you missed out Ian, that was me too, simply making a very simple point while showing my respect for a young woman who has left behind a family)

    R.I.P Jade, and the thousands of others out there who lose the battle each day.

  32. Ifebdcgo

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