British Pop Star Craig David Is A Sexy Mr. Fixit

April 27th, 2009 // 6 Comments

At his luxury multi-million dollar luxury penthouse at the Mondrian Hotel in Miami Beach, Craig David proved that he’s not above doing a little do-it-yourself home repair.

Walking around in his boxers on the balcony, the British pop singer appeared to be adjusting the jacuzzi and rearranging some potted plants while surveilling his new property.

David is reported to have purchased one of the four penthouse Tower Suites for a cool $5 million. With this economy in the state that it is, the musician’s probably hesitant to call a repairman before trying to fix it himself. Aren’t we all?

Gallery Info: Craig David fiddles with his jacuzzi and potted plants while wearing nothing more than underwear.

By Lisa Timmons

    Ooh I remember when he was on the radio! Where’d he go???

  2. SweetSoprano

    He’s still popular overseas, plus he has a song on the Sex and the City soundtrack. But I don’t ever remember him looking this good!

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