British Socialite Petra Ecclestone Says, ‘I’m Not Spoilt. I’m Privileged.’

Petra Ecclestone is the 22 year-old  billionairess and youngest daughter of Formula 1 racing tycoon, Bernie Ecclestone. In a recent interview, Miss Ecclestone insists that her lavish lifestyle and “privilege” do not inhibit her from being a regular “9 to 5″ working-girl.

Recently, she purchased Candy Spellings’ former mansion, known as ‘Candyland’ in LA for $85 million. With the addition of ‘Candyland,’ her real estate portfolio total is in excess of $175 million.

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Ecclestone believes that her new property is a great investment and she also said,

“I’m planning to move to LA. I wanted to have an amazing home. Hopefully in the future I’ll be raising a family… and my family from London will be coming to visit, so I need loads of space.”

On August bank holiday, the heiress plans to marry Jamie Stunt, a 26 year-old businessman in Italy (at the same place Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wed). The couple have asked for no gift and opted for their guests to donate to the Meningitis Trust. At the couples engagement party, Rihanna performed for the guests and it is rumored that the Black Eyed Peas will be preforming at the wedding party extravaganza.