Yum: Dreamy Andrew Cooper Hands Out Diet Cokes In Dublin [PHOTOS]

MMM: Andrew Cooper
The British hunk caught our attention back in 2010.
Cooper Does Diet Coke
The British model stars in one hot commercial.
It would be crass to demand that British model Andrew Cooper take his shirt off, but what if we asked politely?

Cooper, who starred in a make-them-legs-wobble Diet Coke commercial back in January, handed out cans of the popular soft drink in Dublin Ireland today (March 13th) to celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Cooper, according to the Daily Mail, has modeled for Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Bally and L’Oreal.  On starring in the Diet Coke commercial, Cooper has said, ‘They [the company] have been cultural milestones and I’m absolutely thrilled to have been chosen to play the part in 2013 – especially in such an exciting year for the brand.” 

Much to our disappointment, Cooper is married with two children.  He and his wife, Jill own a pet shop near their Cheshire, England home.