British Artist Could Have Painted Harry’s Las Vegas Shenanigans Better Than An iPhone

British Artist Alexander Creswell, 55, has 38 water colors in the Royal Collection, having been commissioned to paint Prince Charles while on tour in Central Europe in 1998, and the lying in state of the Queen Mother in 2002.  The New York Times recently wrote a piece on Creswell, as his work is currently on display at Hirschl & Adler Galleries on Fifth Avenue.

Creswell’s most recent piece was a bit of a challenge, seeing as it was on the most important day in recent British history.  Creswell drew the royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Westminster Abbey on April 29th, 2011.  “I very nearly didn’t get there because of the crowds,” Creswell recalled.

The artist spent two hours before, and for hours after sketching the ceremony in his seat (25 pages in his sketchbook!).  “I was drawing as all the guests arrived,” Creswell said.  “I was drawing without looking at what I was drawing. You download from your eyes. You’ve got to get it down while you remember it.”

Creswell, who’s been “closely associated” with the royal family for twenty years, had something to say about Prince Harry’s recent Vegas vacation, which found the spare losing his clothes in a game of strip billiards. 

“I would have done a much better job than an iPhone,” Mr. Creswell joked. “but I’m too old to go to that kind of a party, I suspect.”

Cheeky boy!

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