Brite Bar vs. 42Below Vodka

Just a little follow-up regarding the boycottBrite Bar owner John Libonati enforced when he refused to stock the vodka, which is from New Zealand, because of what he viewed as shameless pandering to the gay market on the company’s Web site. Here’s a link to the video. Gee, that’s not offensive or pandering at all (please note sarcasm).

A few of the emails fell into our hands. Here’s the email (that he cc’d it to everyone at 42Below) to refresh your memory.

Hello Fuckface,

if you are suggesting that we are anti gay then speak to my fuckin hand you fool. At least of four of the people on our team are gay and one of our best accounts in NYC in Lucky Chengs. PERHAPS YOU AER A REDNECK HOMOPHOBE WHO WANTS TO FEEL IMPORANT.

No regards

USA Company President doing very well thanks

James D

The fuckface was amazingly professional wasn’t it. How does this man still have a job? Well, Mr. Dale is a little more civil in his email to the President of the
Department of Consumer Affairs, trying to explain the video, and his email to Brite Bar owner John Libonati.

The email is after the jump.

Dear Gretchen,

my apologies to you for having been dragged into this unfortunate slating session. I hope you are able to enjoy it in any event. Maybe I should send John at Brite bars email to the UN for his racist slur in suggesting that black and Hispanic “markets” are nicotine addicted. Talk about stereo types. We have always consulted, supported and had fun with all communities on a global scale and have not and will never single out a community in an effort to offend. John at Brite bar has a right to his opinion and maybe it will be juicy reading on page 6 that could be a great outcome for all of us.

My number is (edited). Please feel free to call me to discuss.

Kind Regards

James D

PS. My apologies for the misspelled swear words, my typing is clumsy at the best of times and spell check was turned off.

The reference to the “racist slur” is actually quite absurd. This is what was written in the original email from John Libonati to James Dale.

Your ad is offensive and reeks of desperation! What will be your next step? A nicotine vodka that you can market to the Black and Hispanic markets?

This was obviously in reference to the tobacco companies marketing to those communities.

So let’s give one big middle finger to 42Below and stick with Ketel One.