Britain Advises Not To Give Pets As Christmas Presents

Someone once gave me a bunny for Christmas. Someone who apparently didn’t know me too well.

Last year the charity said it investigated 530 complaints of animals being abandoned between December 23 and January 6 whilst it also took in numerous pets no longer wanted by their owners.

It said the reasons given included: “My cat doesn’t match my new carpet”; “My dog doesn’t match the new sofa”; “Our kitten isn’t playful enough with our children”; and “She hurts my legs when she wags her tail”.

“Some of the excuses we’ve highlighted show a complete lack of understanding about the responsibilities of owning an animal,” said Tim Miles, the RSPCA’s chief veterinary adviser.

“The RSPCA always urges that anyone taking on a pet should seriously consider the implications and the commitment, time and finances needed to care for that pet for the rest of its life.”

The charity said in the first 12 days of December it had already received 492 calls relating to abandoned animals.

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