Brit Gets To Keep Her Half Of The Kids, Has To Get Tested For Funyun Abuse


This photo brings me back. Remember when they were too carny-looking people in love? A judge has ruled that the current 50/50 custody agreement between Brit and K-Fed will stand for now. But Brit has to get drug-tested twice a week. The judge feels that Brit has a substance abuse problem. I blame the Lays company.

The judge in the Britney Spears custody battle found that “there is a habitual, frequent, and continuous use of controlled substances and alcohol by (Britney).” The judge has ordered Britney “to undergo testing for the use of controlled substances and alcohol.” Testing will be conducted randomly twice a week.

The documents underscore the bitterness in the custody battle. Judge Scott Gordon ruled that “Each party is restrained from making derogatory remarks about the other party and the other party’s family or significant other…”

Redneck One and Two were also ordered to “engage in joint co-parenting counseling”. Howabout a beginner’s parenting class for starters? Well, K-Fed probably knows how to watch a kid, he has 13,000 via Shar Jackson’s portal of life. But Britney is using her children as wig models! And has taught them how to light her cigarettes for her! She’s gone about it all kinds of wrong.