Britney Spears Really Getting It Together And Making Changes

January 9th, 2008 // 3 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears at a gas station with her dog London as her assistant gasses up. I know everyone needs gasoline to power their automobiles, but there is no need for her to be out and about right now. Especially when it’s gotten so bad that she’s making tops out of astroturf. She’s not letting losing her kids completely, or being hospitalized for a mental evaluation get her down. She’s begun the cycle anew. The hospital stay was a brief respite and now she’s back on the job. Hopefully she’s off to kill Dr. Phil. Might as well put the chemical imbalance to good use. Oh god, she’s going to eat that dog isn’t she?

Photos: Splash

More photos of Britney Spears cuddling her dog London at a Brentwood gas station are after the jump.

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Photos: Splash

By J. Harvey

  1. Kayla

    What is it going to take for everybody to bsck off? God, please send someone to step in and acually do some good for this poor girl. Pray, not bash,ok? Enough is enough. Leave her alone and write about somone else, like lying, loser, Lindsey, who seems to have you all fooled.

  2. PityBrittyNoMore

    Britney is the one who has everyone fooled.

    What will it take for people to back off?? How about this pathetic excuse for a human being to quit throwing herself in front of the cameras and whoring herself AND her children out for the attention. Now she’s screwing around with one of them… how much more proof do delusionals like you need, Kayla, before you see her for what she is?

    Sick my fat ass. Hopefully she’s off to kill HERSELF, not Dr Phil!

  3. to 1:01

    I hope you knock on wood because karma is a b****. You should never hope for someone to kill themselves. She does what she does because she has mental problems. Meaning she doesn’t understand that her actions aren’t the best.

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