Britney Spears Escapes With Adnan Ghalib, Has Been Offered Free Legal Counsel

Well, it’s Monday so there must be a Britney story. Somehow, as if by magic, Britney was able to escape her home accompanied by her new best friend, photographer Adnan Ghalib. This is actually a neat trick to pull off without anyone seeing her because the paparazzi are stationed outside of her white trash mansion ten men deep. Maybe she tunneled to freedom, sustained by a secret Starbuck’s delivery. Britney and Adnan showed up at the Daily Grill restaurant in Palm Desert on Sunday morning at 10 AM. Reportedly, they were laughing and talking and having a fine old time. Brit had herself a mimosa, so it would appear that she hasn’t been prescribed any psychopharmaceuticals since you’re not supposed to drink with those. Than again, I always found Selexa with a dirty martini chaser to be quite delightful. I

In other Britney news, former “Apprentice” candidate Stacey Schneider has offered to represent Britney for gratis. Stacy is a divorce lawyer, and wants in on the fame whoring because getting crazy talked by Donald Trump wasn’t enough. Britney’s current representation has filed to dump her ass. Scheider says her strategy would be to have Britney keep her crazy ass at home, and to address the court respectfully and map out what she’s going to say. Considering Brit’s current sitch, that’s probably about as easy to accomplish as teleportation or understanding “Zippy the Pinhead”. But she does have some good ideas.