I Don’t Think Britney Spears Wants Her Kids

January 3rd, 2008 // 8 Comments

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So, Britney Spears has lost ANOTHER set of lawyers after refusing to show up at ANOTHER deposition yesterday. Whoa momma. The legal firm of Trope & Trope filed papers yesterday asking to be able to withdraw as her counsel because “there has been a breakdown in communications between [Britney] and Trope and Trope making further representation of her interests impossible.” Trope & Trope have been representing Crazy in her custody battle with Kevin Federline since her previous lawyer, Laura Wasser, quit in 2007. Sources say that Britney’s FIFTH deposition no-show, combined with her not listening to any advice and her wackjob behavior, was the final nail in her coffin with these people. Seriously, how do you do your job of getting this mental patient’s kids back when she obviously doesn’t want them and does the exact opposite of everything you suggest? “Britney, don’t go out on the town every night looking homeless and delusional.” “Ok, y’all, I’m goin’ out tonight in my fishnets and freakum dress and screw me one of those mens with the camera!” A source close to the proceedings allegedly stated that “her whole life has become insane and it’s impossible for anyone to get through to her.” Stay tuned for the fallout from her skipping court again will be. I do have an idea as to how they can get through to her. Hide some sort of microphone in her frappucinno cup and talk to her over that. “Oh my god yo, my frappe is tellin’ me what to do! I must lissen!”

By J. Harvey

  1. Of course she doesn’t want her kids. She’s a crazy whore.

    When her 16 yr old sister pops our her bstard child, they can all go to therapy together.

    They should drop all those Spears kids off with the local wolf pack, they would be better off.

  2. Persistent Cat

    I think “freakum dress” is going to make me giggle all day.

  3. Applespice

    I think she needs 60-90 days in an intense therapy program.

    That or Dr. Drew to step in. He’s got a way of waking people up to reality.

  4. heidi

    I don’t like Brit and her family, she is pregnant, her 16 yr old sister pregnant too. I agree with Shitney, they two will drop their kids…Kids is innocent, Brit,plz do protection when you enjoy sex! I met many people on interracialloving.com – a dating club, they also hate her

  5. freakum dress

    FUCK YOU SPAMMERS! Take your interracialloving, millionairedating, wrestlingnewsdesk and whatever the hell else you’re hawking and SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!

    Go publicize yourself somewhere else!

  6. Hey Cupcake

    How many strikes does it take?? I’m SO tired of all of this. Give the little moppets to anybody who can take care of them. K-Fed looks like a freaking angel at this point.

  7. Carmen

    Can we please stop posting about Britney?! That should be every Blog’s new years resolution. I skip over every post, I didn’t even read this one. No more, please. Let us be sane enough to realize that she loves the attention and to stop giving it to her in `08. PLEASE!!!

  8. Eyes of Green

    @ freakumdress

    LOL!!! I love that ‘wrestlingnewsdesk’…ha ha!

    And yeah, spammers – go the F*ck AWAY!!!

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