Bristol Palin On Single Motherhood In Harper’s Bazaar

Bristol Palin talked to Harpar’s Bazaar about her life as a pregnant teen and a mother in their next issue (on sale June 1)

On telling her parents:

It’s not like we all sat down and were like, ‘Alright, here’s the birds and the bees.’ Truly, my parents just assumed that I wasn’t doing anything. And it was a shock for us all.

On seeing her pregnancy reported on the news:

It was kind of humiliating. . .Great, I’m 17 years old, I’m 40 pounds overweight with a big belly on me, all my friends are at school watching this on the news. This kind of sucks.

On life with her 15-month old baby, Tripp:
I thought I would be somewhere warm at college with my friends, but that was definitely not possible with having Tripp. I love my baby more than anything. He’s like a Gerber baby. He’s the cutest baby in the whole world…I just want Tripp to be happy and healthy.

On not living off on Sarah Palin’s reportedly millions:

I’m on my own. I’m really proud of it. I’m a hard worker. I don’t have time for friends or anything like that. It’s just like, Right, crap, there is a hockey game tonight that I want to go to but I can’t. Or, I do have to go to work today, because I’ve got bills to pay.

Sarah Palin on Bristol:
We’re very proud of her for taking responsibility. It’s not an easy road, but it’s the right road. Decisions were made, and we can’t unwind those decisions. Consequences are being dealt with. I’m sincerely proud of her.

In a striking contrast to the working single mom’s life, Bristol was glammed up in Carolina Herrera, Lanvin, Isaac Mizrahi, and Michael Kors for an elaborate tea party shoot (get it?), but it’s Harper’s Bazaar, not Newsweek.

So, however I feel about Sarah Pali, I’m not going to hate on Bristol right now who basically sounds like what she is; a teenager.