Bristol Palin Is An Olympic Shimmier On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

There are only five couples left.  Who will go home?  Who will stay?  It’s getting a little ridiculous here on Dancing With The Stars.  Couples who I had given up on are coming back, couples who I thought were awesome are falling apart.  Who’s in the lead for this week?  We shall see.

Making my life a little bit better was the glorious Jennifer & Derek.  I want her to win for two reasons.  Not only because she was in Dirty Dancing, and I think it would be a sob-enducing tribute, but Baby is no spring chicken.  Don’t get me wrong, I dream to look like that at her age, or even 10 years before her age, but everyone else is younger.  Her neck is made of metal, her knees are falling off, it’s getting down to the wire.  I don’t know if she’ll make it, but she is definitely the best, most consistent dancer out there.  These two won last night, and gave me a little more hope.  One more reason why I love them - Jamie Lee Curtis keeps popping out during their performances and going bananas.  Are they secret BFFs or something?

Brandy & Maks tied with Jennifer & Derek, but I just didn’t love their dances.  They have found a way to work with each other, which I think is just learning to accept their mutual hatred.  All of the judges were moved by the emotion in the dance, while I just couldn’t stop staring at Brandy’s crazy I Dream Of Genie pants.

Finally, Bristol & Mark came in – her first dance was great.  She had awesome intensity, and actually looked like she was enjoying it.  Then, the Instant Dance came.  Stop Shimmying!  Bristol is capable of shimmying at least three times per dance, including one that transitions from standing to kneeling, all without breaking said shimmy. Impressive.

Tonight is the Elimination Round.  I think Bristol may be going home tonight – she just can’t get her scores up fast enough, even though it seems like everyone likes her. Maybe that will save her. As of right now, my picks for winners are Jennifer & Derek and Kyle & Lacey. They kill it every week, even when the dance is bad. Until tomorrow…