Brinkley Is Stealth

Oh that sneaky Christie Brinkley…

During the Halloween Parade at Sag Harbor Christie sat patiently on the steps of the American Hotel incognito. She wore a Marilyn Monroe wig and apparently no one was aware of her presence. Even as her kids walked by in the parade didn’t recognize who she was. Ex, Peter Cook, explained to the kids it was indeed their mom. The kids rushed over for a few hugs and kisses then resumed their walk in the parade. Peter made no attempt to approach Ms. Brinkley and didn’t even attempt at exchanging pleasantries.

To bad she didn’t kick him straight in the junk in her Marilyn duds. I wonder what her alias is? She can borrow one of mine…how about Annabelle Von Thunderpussy.

Can’t Hide [Page Six]

Written by Cara Harrington

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